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Putting Covid in the rear view mirror

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I'm jealous! I only got a little sticker when I got my first shot Feb 27. Either way it's a good thing.

Recently contributed to a Covid19 thread on the Vintage Snowmobile Club of America website (from the middle part of the country)  and was surprised to read lot's of negative comments on the vaccines, most of which were not true. Couldn't resist writing some encouraging words, describing my positive experience, and within several days the thread had been pulled.

Thanks for bringing this topic up Cobra!


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Yes, it seems that there are parts of the country that are not so positive about all this. Don't want masks (neither do I, but I do believe they help, so I wear one), think its 'just a cold' (ask my nephew, 31 years old, had major stroke symptoms a week after diagnosis, been in physical therapy since November), and the vaccine isn't safe because it wasn't tested. 

I support the pharma industry in my job. I am no scientist, but I do know that there was lots of testing, and it continues. These new mRNA therapies are amazing, and will help with lots of diseases going forward. 


I get dose two on April 15. Looking forward to getting it out of the way. 


Got my vaccine at Gillette stadium. There were hundreds of people in the line, it was actually pretty well organized. Sign there had a running total, 271,000 doses administered there so far, and counting. 

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The only thing on the vaccines that changed dramatically was the use of mRNA on some, the EUA - which is why we didn't have a five year study on longer term effects, and the use of federal funds to purchase vaccine doses before we knew which company would have an effective one - Operation Warp Speed. 


The mRNA science is here to stay.

A five year study would have caused a lot more deaths... as variants are already taking hold.

And other than the fact that we paid for doses from companies that may never develop an effective vaccine... we did get some science from them that in the long run may have some returns on the investment.

I would say the biggest drawback was the early ones being two shots and needing deep freeze.

Once they reformulate for the boosters... I think we will see a lot more like the Johnson & Johnson that took longer to develop because they used the older method.



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