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  1. Rained heavy.Saturday night.... Made for messy site.... Rained Sunday morning. . . . Light on + off. ..... BUT, the cars were still coming in at 2 p.m.. Not the biggest crowd I remember, but still a great success for the club.
  2. Not the old days, as they used to race on the First Sunday of July and August . . Club suffered a setback when landowner passed on . . We all suffered when the Chinese invented Covid19
  3. Stafford Springs, CT. Water Skips Back again July 25. starts 11am
  4. Admins

    last I knew. Canoe King or Path Finder were administrstors
  5. All Three were doing 60 mph . .. But, Fish + Game was in the middle . . All the pieces don't fit together Did Fish + Game just jump in the middle? ? ?
  6. Spring Vintage Swap Meet

    Sounds like a great day . . . Will the site be opened Friday night for setting up?
  7. It's very sad to say we need signs, telling us not to be pigs!! But then again, some drivers think electric windows were ment for easier trash disposal.
  8. It certainly could be adopted by NHSA, or by any clubs. Could join the stay on the trail campaign.
  9. Maine registration increase coming

    In the past the registrations/ trailpass funds went to The State of Maines general fund, then the clubs MSA had to lobby for funding.
  10. Maine registration increase coming

    Sounds like a Democratic idea at it's finest. Nothing, out of state residents can stop. . . Wish the increases actually went to the clubs and / or into the trails. . . Would be curious what increases, instate registrations are planned? ? ?
  11. Vintage Ride In Pittsburg

    . Hard to believe that their are that many Vintage People. in the North Country . . .
  12. Got out once more

    this weeks weather seems worst than the parking lot pirates. . How I beat them . . . Straight Stainless Steel pipe
  13. Got out once more

    Pretty nice looking trails
  14. Vintage Ride In Pittsburg

    Sounds like a great day. . . But, I thought it was a Senior Citizens event.
  15. Snowmobile insurance

    The game doesn't change. . . Been this way since I was a kid. Insurance companies are whores! They only want to take your money . . . Easy pickings with minimal risks is their goal. Most insurers are not interested, nor knowledgeable enough snowmobiles to persue a niche market. Such as in any business. you give a shocking quote when you do NOT want the business. Snowmobiles are hard to appraise for damage, as there are no Flat Rate crash manuals. . . Repairs to snowmobile parts almost nill, Fiberglass is gone, so are the ones that were repaired. New plastic parts are throw away and expensive. Straighten a "tweaked" snowmobile after a collision . . . There's only one frame machine (advertised) in New England to pull a sled for alignment. Three month season, high depreciation, staff that doesn't know what a snowmobile is . . . Just a problem for the big boys. Been a niche business forever . . . Foremost, Progressive , Allstate and maybe a few small companies persue that market at competitive rates.