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  1. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    HB 334 is waiting for the governor's signature.
  2. Vintage Ride In Pittsburg

    James Burngasser December, 2013 posting to http://social-dynamics.org/twitter-network-data/ biodata format May 17, 2014 at 7:51 pm posting to http://www.makeaheadmealsforbusymoms.com/melt-in-your-mouth-monday-blog-hop-60/ TIM CONKLIN Jun 22, 2017 at 1:49 am posting to https://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/how-to-add-new-users-and-authors-to-your-wordpress-blog/ Hairstyles VIP | 8 months ago posting to https://blog.gotomypc.com/2020/03/30/4-tips-for-staying-secure-while-working-remotely/
  3. Got out once more

    I'd imagine that RNA isolation sample by reagent RVD-E would be of great interest to the frequent visitors to SledNH. Maybe not as big at off-trail riding or registration fees, but still big. Or, maybe not.
  4. Pending trial testimony it's difficult to understand the events that day, but it may be that two riders passed the F&G site at high speed, and the officer took off after the two. The third rider then came through and collided with the F&G officer. There's no way he could have known there was a third rider. We'll have to wait for the trial to hear the whole story.
  5. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    Status of HB334 The bill was reported out of Senate committee with an "ought to pass with amendments". It seems the Senate used this bill to change a couple other gun-related regulations as well as changing the House version. https://legiscan.com/NH/text/HB334/2021 Passed the House 2021-05-25 / Engross Committee Report: Ought to Pass, 05/27/2021; Senate Calendar 25A Engrossed Bill A legislative proposal that has been prepared in a final form for its submission to a vote of the lawmaking body after it has undergone discussion and been approved by the appropriate committees.
  6. Maine registration increase coming

    I was curious about the status of Maine H.P. 196/LD280 (the snowmobile registration fee increase) so I took a look. The bill was sent to the IF&W Committee where sixteen people provided testimony on the bill.( http://legislature.maine.gov/bills/display_ps.asp?snum=130&paper=HP0196PID=1456# ) These 16 people represented the MSA, the clubs, state government, and businesses. Their written testimony reflects many of the same things I've heard from NH people involved in our trails. The bill was reported out of the IF&W committee as Ought to Pass, and as of 3/30/2021 this bill was carried over to a subsequent session.
  7. This is the suspension adjuster cable assembly for a 2006 Yamaha Vector GT RS90GTL. The part number is 8FU-W474A-20-00. It's free.
  8. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    The concealed carry handgun permits still exist, but are optional. People who travel through other states might want a permit for reasons of reciprocity between states. Trails in the southern part of the state often are routed close to residences, I have a trail that crosses my driveway, so these landowners might be more sensitive to the issue than a corporate landowner that controls large tracts of mostly uninhabited acres of woodlands. I suspect most small landowners aren't aware of this change. Let's hope there are no "issues" involving an armed sled or ATV rider or those landowners might become very aware. Hunters in my area have faced the closure of many hunting areas, I hope we don't follow them. Just hope for the best...
  9. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    Possible, but I believe a bigger concern is that the idea that sled riders might be armed with loaded handguns might push on-the-fence landowners in the southern half of the state to close trails. I understand that gun owners have rights, but sleds and OHRVs are mostly operated on private property, and the owner's property rights trump the gun owners rights. We really don't need any more trail closures in southern NH. I wasn't able to find comments on the bill by F&G or NHSA.
  10. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    The law being amended prohibits any loaded firearm on an OHRV or sled, or in a trailer behind the sled or OHRV. The change would allow a loaded handgun. The purpo0se of the original law was to discourage people from shooting game animals while operating a sled or OHRV. It appears that a loaded rifle or shotgun would still be prohibited.
  11. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    Bill Title: Relative to prohibitions on carrying a loaded firearm on an OHRV or snowmobile. https://legiscan.com/NH/text/HB334/id/2232774
  12. Probably Could Use Some of these at Traiheads

    Did you notice the logo in the bottom-right of the image? Looks like NIC HES with a tree symbol in the middle. NICHES is a land conservation group in Indiana. Duke is a power company in the southeast US. My guess is that Duke is sponsoring the anti-littering campaign in the conservation lands. Not much connection to NH with either party.
  13. Maine registration increase coming

    It's fair to say that Maine uses a different system than NH for funding trails. Maine makes much use of club and municipal grants to fund trails. Much of the registration fees are earmarked for snowmobile trails. Note that higher non-resident fees don't go to municipalities, the revenue goes to trails and law enforcement. Here's a fee breakdown from a few years ago. Here's a description of club and county/municipal grants from a fews years back. "The state has two types of snowmobile grants — club and municipal. The snowmobile clubs apply for the club grants and are paid $125 per mile for up to 30 miles. Any miles after 30 are the responsibility of the clubs. For municipal grants, the state pays the counties and towns to divide among clubs."
  14. Maine registration increase coming

    In the current proposal, it appears that all of the fee increase goes to the clubs and the trail system. Looks like Maine residents pay about half of the non-resident rate. They took a $10 hit and non-residents took a $20 hit. The bill's sponsor, Roland Danny Martin, is a Democrat. The Maine snowmobile association and several clubs spoke in favor of the bill. I don't know if the MSA or the clubs are Democratic.
  15. Maine registration increase coming

    If you Google "Maine snowmobile registration fee increase" it appears that fee increase stories are a constant. Here's the 2021 version: http://legislature.maine.gov/bills/getPDF.asp?paper=HP0196&item=1&snum=130 130th Maine Legislature An Act To Increase Funding for Snowmobile Trails and Capital Equipment Grants L.D. 280 An Act To Increase Funding for Snowmobile Trails and Capital Equipment Grants Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows: Sec. 1. 12 MRSA §13104, sub-§4, as amended by PL 2015, c. 237, §2, is further amended to read: 4. Fee. Except as provided in subsection 5, the annual snowmobile registration fee is as follows: A. For residents, $45 $55. The registration for a snowmobile owned by a resident is valid for one year, commencing on July 1st of each year; and B. For nonresidents: (1) Forty-nine Sixty-nine dollars for a 3-consecutive-day registration. A person may purchase more than one 3-day registration in any season; (2) Ninety-nine One hundred and nineteen dollars for a seasonal registration; and (3) Seventy-five Ninety-five dollars for a 10-consecutive-day registration. A person may purchase more than one 10-day registration in any season. The registration for a snowmobile owned by a nonresident must specify the dates for which the registration is valid. Five Ten dollars from each registration fee collected pursuant to this subsection must be transferred to a special fund administered by the Off-Road Vehicle Division of the Bureau of Parks and Lands within the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. The funds must be used to assist any entity that has a snowmobile trail grooming contract with the Bureau of Parks and Lands in the purchase of trail-grooming equipment. The funds also may be used for the repair or overhaul of trail-grooming equipment. Twelve Seventeen dollars from each resident snowmobile registration fee must be transferred to the Snowmobile Trail Fund of the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Bureau of Parks and Lands. Six Twenty-one dollars from each nonresident 3-day snowmobile registration fee, $6 $21 from each nonresident 10-day snowmobile registration fee and $11 $26 from each nonresident seasonal snowmobile registration fee must be transferred to the Snowmobile Trail Fund of the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Bureau of Parks and Lands. SUMMARY This bill changes the resident and nonresident registration fees for snowmobiles and uses the increased fees to help fund the Snowmobile Trail Fund and the fund responsible for capital equipment grants. The fee for resident snowmobile registrations is increased by $10. The fees for nonresident snowmobile registrations are increased by $20.