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  1. Riding in So. NH tomorrow 1/4/2010

    That parking lot was the Derry Pathfinders Snowmobile Club parking lot on Rt 28 in Derry. Those trails you rode are maintained by Derry Pathfinders, Exeter Snow-Hounds, Southern New Hampshire Trailblazers and Newfields Sno-Raiders. Remember these clubs when you come across a groomer donation jar in these areas
  2. Riding in So. NH tomorrow 1/4/2010

    Check out this thread for some info Click here!
  3. Derry Pathfinders Trail Report

    Pathfinders Trail Report update! Windham Rail Trail #500 (south)from Windham Depot to Rt. 111 Windham/Salem trails ungrommed but snow covered. One section at clearing near Ralston Road, snow blowing off trail, thin coverage in this area. Pathfinders Trail #500 (north) from Windham Depot to Kendall Pond Rd. in Derry trail ungrommed but good coverage. Tunnel under Bowers road very icy, go up then across Bowers Road. Webber Forest Trail to Drew Rd. & Big Island Pond trail ungrommed, no report. Trail 15 to Hampstead Rt 121 good coverage some snirt spots but ridable, Rt 121 to Fremont Station snirt in many spots also open water bars BE CAREFUL!! Ride Safe
  4. Derry Pathfinders Trail Report

    Haven't been out yet, not sure of the trail conditions! Hopefully will get out this afternoon.
  5. Derry Pathfinders Trail Report

    Thanks for the update Jim! See you on the trails!
  6. Happy New Year!!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR fellow sledders, Let it snow!!
  7. Spoke with the Governor today

    I nominate RIVERCAT "SNOWMOBILER of the Decade". You are the man!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all!
  8. Sled NH addict?

    Who brought me back here.... Hummmmm??? Help!! I've clicked again and can't stop! Must be that throttle thumb twitch Se Ya on the trails... when not on this site... ha ha!
  9. Sled NH addict?

    I quit 2 years ago... WHAT ???? Where am I ????? How did I get here???? LOL!!
  10. trailer cover repair

    Hey gunmaker. Try http://www.docksystem.com/index.html they are located in Nottingham NH. and manufacture these covers Their address is 404 Stage Road W. Nottingham, NH 03291 Phone 603-942-5122 Good Luck
  11. Shopping for a GPS?

    Hello, I second the nuvi 500 comment I have a Garmin nuvi 200 and wish I had bought the 500. It is useable in the car and on the sleds
  12. Veterans Day

    A Big Thank You to all that have served and those who currently serve. GOD Bless You!
  13. Oil price for sleds

    It's conspiracy by the sled manufacturers and the tree huggers to get us to buy New 4 stroke sleds! lol!
  14. Upcoming Flea Market

    Mark Your Calendars! 28th Annual Snowmobile Flea Market !!! Alexander Carr Park (off Birch St.) Derry NH Saturday, November 7th (9:00 -3:00) Rain date Sunday, November 8th (9:00 - 3:00) For info - call Dick (after 5pm) at 432-9845
  15. Clarke, Our thoughts and prayers from our family to yours!! Keep the Faith!! GOD works wonders!! GOD Bless you and your family,
  16. Happy Birthday Polaris05

    Happy belated big Jim. Hope you had a great day!!

  18. What DAVE's been waiting for

    Hi, Link/Video worked for me! AWESOME Job DAVE!! I second Skully's motion....NH SNOWMOBILER of the YEAR!! Thanks for the Video Skully!! Keep Warm out there this weekend!! Ride Safe!!
  19. April Sno-Traveler

    Hi, That's how I read & understand it!!
  20. Sevenlakes Snowmobile Club trails

    Hello, MAJOR KUDOS to the Seven Lakes Snowmobile club and their groomer crew! Rode there Fri, Sat, and Sun morn.... the trails were great all three days. Friday the trails were flat and not very busy so the riding was awesome. Even with the poker run on Sat (which was fun) and the Groomer challenge that was cool to watch, the trails were great, except mid to late day on Sat due to the club events and a lot of riders the trail were very bumpy, but... the grooming continued on Sat evening and appeared throughout the nite. Sun mornings ride was awesome too!! Thanks SLSC for a GREAT weekend!!
  21. "Scale" error message on 2006 Ski-Doo GSX 550f

    Hello, I had this problem on my 2004 Skidoo and found the answer on Dootalk.com here's the link http://www.dootalk.com/forums/index.php?sh...ter+reads+scale This fixed my 10MPH error on the speedo. Hope it helps you!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all sledders! Get out and enjoy the best riding conditions in years! Ride safe!
  23. How are the trails?

    Hello. Approx. 40 miles this earlier today with my son... Massabesic to 125 Epping via the railbed and back. Trails were a little icy in a few spots, but otherwise great for early riding. Definately need more fresh snow to help with the coverage(more coming this weekend!). Came across a few sleds while riding. It was great to finally get out in December!
  24. OT's Dad passed this morning

    Thoughts and prayers from my family to you and yours OT!