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  1. Rockingham County Club Trail Map

    Great job Rob!! I've had several requests for a "local" map and have held off till the release of this "Rockingham County" Map. Thanks for all your efforts!!
  2. Choke Lever

    This is exactly why this site is the BEST site on the net!! Snowmobilers helping snowmobilers when in need !!
  3. How did you find SLEDNH ?

    I think it was a a google search for snowmobiling in NH back in 2004 when I bought my 1st (brand new) sled. Been on here at least once per day since.
  4. Wednesday Nor'easter.

    I'll believe it when it falls, I've heard the "Snow storm" forecasts before resulting in it "went out to sea" Time will tell but... I'm hopeful we finally get some more snow!
  5. NH Snowmobile Clubs

    Wow Looks awesome! I may have to upgrade to a Smartphone, just to use this app when / if it gets released! Thanks for the time and effort you have already put in, and will do in the future, for enhancing the snowmobiling experience in NH! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  6. Merry Christmas

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. Thank you Santa for the wearther forecast this morning, just what I wanted!!
  7. Groomer Drag for Sale

    For Sale Groomer Drag 5 feet wide and 12 feet long For use with groomer bigger than an Alpine. Call Dick Bonner at 432-9845
  8. Exeter Snowhounds

    The Meeting might be held at the Fremont Station Rt. 107 Fremont NH
  9. Congratulations Polaris05

    For those of you who know Polaris05 (Jim)... My granddaughter Ruby Grace Degnan arrived 11/28/10 at 8:39 PM wieghing 9 pound 7.4 ounces and measuring 20.5 inches, Lindsay,James Jr. and Ruby are all doing well. Jim Congratulations GrandPa!!
  10. Happy Thanksgiving ..to all

  11. Trailer opinion

    x2 what RickZach says...
  12. NHgator in the ICU with pneumonia?

    Thoughts and prayers for you NHgator!! Get Well soon!
  13. Upcoming Flea Market

    Derry Pathfinders Snowmobile Club 29th annual Flea Market Saturday Nov. 6th from 9:00am - 3:00pm at the Alexander Carr Playground, Pierce Ave off Rt. 28 (Birch St) behind the Parkland Hospital, Derry New Hampshire. Free Admission, Dealers Welcomed, Space is on a first come basis. Come Sell or Buy your new or used snowmobile equipment. To reserve your space or for more information call Dick Bonner at 603-432-9845 after 5pm. Rain date is November 7th.
  14. OVSC Safety Class location change

    Now there's business that sholud be recognized by the NHSA for their dedication and support to snowmobiling! BIG KUDOS to Canoe King!!
  15. Derry Pathfinders

    Hello Yamiblue, The Derry Pathfinders are ALWAYS interested in new members. Our next meeting is Saturday November 13th at 6:00pm, this is our yearly Pot Luck Dinner meeting. Members bring a dish/dessert to share with the other members.. Our regular meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm. at the Alexander Carr playground on Pierce St (off Birch St/ Rt 28) behind the Parkland Hospital in Derry NH Our next event is our 29th annual Flea Market, to be held on Saturday Nov 6th from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM at Alexander Carr playground (see above). Memberships are available at all club events. For more information about the club and our calendar of events, can be found here Derry Pathfinders.
  16. WAY off topic!

    Tell the ladies to keep the FAITH! My mother is a survivor of cervical cancer 30 years ago, and twice diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. She has been cancer for several years now and we keep our finger crossed for many more cancer free years. One way we all can help, is to join in the Manchester Breast Cancer walk in October. Link Here I will be joining my daughters team walking for my mother and others affected by this disease. My thoughts and prayers go out to the ladies and their families!
  17. Derry Pathfinders

    See you there Jim!!
  18. Sad News

    RIP Matt... Thoughts and prayers to the family
  19. Dave Copland

    UNBELIEVABLE!! Hopefully this will bring attention to the ongoings at the top at NHSA and other Counties will realize what's really going on. Dave.., We've met just a few times at Rockingham County meetings and your passion and dedication to the sport is amazing for all the "issues" you deal with. Hopefully you will still stay involved, just in an "unofficial" capacity, in snowmobiling in the state and more importantly for Rockingham Countyand the local clubs Thanks again for all you've done.
  20. Happy Fathers Day to you! What'd you do?

    By F---ing all day... Fishing, Fun and Family, how else would you spend "Father's day" Hope all you fathers had a Great One!
  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Polaris05

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM, in case you forgot! Welcome to the Over the Hill Gang!
  22. Thanks SledNH

    X2 Awesome Job Guys!! THANKS!
  23. Yet another one!!

    Man airlifted after Snowmobile Accident
  24. 15 from Windham/Derry to Epping any Gas

    If you fill up before you leave Windham or go to the gas station(with trail access)on Windham Depot road (Citgo), you should have plenty of fuel to Epping and beyond, depending on your sleds fuel mileage you should be able to have enough for a return trip to Windham.
  25. Three from a family drown in VT

    What a tragedy, my thought and prayers go out to the family! "GREAT just before I head out to teach a snowmobile safety course...Not good news" This can be used as a teaching tool at the course. At the course held at our club this year we said "NO ICE IS SAFE" and if you must cross, never ride in a group across the ice. It's possible the number involved would have been less had they spread out the spacing between sleds and been able to stop in time before going through the ice. Be Safe out there people!!