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  1. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you Pathfinder and all fellow shedders - lets not forget a SAFE and happy New Year!!!! Pathfinder -trails were great in SDR and Pittsburgh this weekend - didn’t see any vintage Rupps unfortunately
  2. What's the story with these trees

    Pathfinder - I'm not new to forum - just don't post much. I just like listening to knowledgable people like you and Old Thumper give up info on interesting area. I reached out to you about 10 years ago for some trail info and at that time you mentioned exploring the Plattsburgh and Malone area. I recently bought camp in Errol where we spend the winter sledding and summer and fall on UTV or boat. The area is like the Adirondacks were 50 years ago when I was a kid. My wife would argue I am still a kid.
  3. What's the story with these trees

    PATHFINDER - You are the king of tour guides and info on area - thanks for your input!!!!!
  4. What's the story with these trees

    I have been wondering the same - we need someone like pathfinder who gets around to find us the answer!!!!!!!!!
  5. Your best picture of the year(2013)

    Winter Wonderland at Dixville Peak!
  6. The problem with trusting people!

    I'm not sure if this is it but this past Sunday we were at the intersection of magalloway road (112) and 143 and we noticed a short (think it was black) heavy duty pull behind sled leaning up against a sign post. I'm not really familiar with this area so I don't know if it's always been there or not? Just thought it was kind of strange for it to be sitting there.
  7. 3 complete sets(2 in great shape - 1 needs service) rechargable batteries and chargers included - $200 firm plus shipping