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  2. Mint 75 Mercury Trail Twister 440

    I have a phenomenal condition 75 Mercury Trail Twister 440 that I love, but have to sell, as I have too many sleds. Sled has perfect hood, no stress cracks, original graphics, original front and rear bumpers, seat is great. Speedo is showing 1995 miles, track is nice. Shoulder issues have made this decision necessary. Would be a great vintage rider, or with minor cleanup a show sled. Asking $ 3300 and is located in Northern New Hampshire. Thanks for looking. Have more sleds to sell if anyone out there is into Vintage. Also 25 years of vintage parts, motors, project sleds. Pathfinder
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  4. Rained heavy.Saturday night.... Made for messy site.... Rained Sunday morning. . . . Light on + off. ..... BUT, the cars were still coming in at 2 p.m.. Not the biggest crowd I remember, but still a great success for the club.
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  6. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    HB 334 is waiting for the governor's signature.
  7. Not the old days, as they used to race on the First Sunday of July and August . . Club suffered a setback when landowner passed on . . We all suffered when the Chinese invented Covid19
  8. Love to see signs of getting back to "normal".
  9. Stafford Springs, CT. Water Skips Back again July 25. starts 11am
  10. Admins

    I'll try to go through more of the member list today and delete more of the suspected spammers. It's a slow process doing them one at a time.
  11. Admins

    They (spammers) are at it again today...
  12. Admins

    Sorry for not checking in on you guys I made it harder for spammers to join about a month ago and that seems to have stopped bogus new member registrations. @noxorc just contacted me about banning IP addresses. I'll work with Nigel to see if we can get this cleaned up.
  13. Admins

    Your theory makes about as much sense as anything else Skip! Glad to see you point out the paralell. Hope this post doesn't start any international incident, although it wouldn't be the first time...LOL!!!
  14. Admins

    We should be all set after Biden meets with Putin this morning and puts Putin in his place, I expect Russian interference to end by supper time! LMAO…..
  15. Admins

    There has been a recent up surge in people posting "junk" from overseas and in different languages that is becoming a big problem. This morning we had about 20 posts advertising how to buy many different prescription drugs on line that were deleted as soon as they were discovered. As one of the original moderators of this site it has always been kind of boring with not much happening that required moderation of any kind. Recently starting to see a lot of stuff from Russia among others. Have no idea who or what would have much to gain about posting on a snowmobile site with crap that no one here is interested in. Another issue that is not as obvious of late, is the members joining under funky names and e mail addys, that are removed amost every morning. Apologies to all legit members for having become exposed to this stuff, before we can clean it up. We will continue to scan often and take steps to eliminate sources of this material and these phony memberships that demean the quality of our valuable site. Any comments or questions about whats going on can be posted here, or messaged to me personally. Thanks pathfinder
  16. Admins

    last I knew. Canoe King or Path Finder were administrstors
  17. Admins

    Who are the admins on this site?
  18. Vintage Ride In Pittsburg

    James Burngasser December, 2013 posting to biodata format May 17, 2014 at 7:51 pm posting to TIM CONKLIN Jun 22, 2017 at 1:49 am posting to Hairstyles VIP | 8 months ago posting to
  19. Delete account

    Click on your Account picture in the top right corner, Account Settings. On the right is Notification Settings.... You can turn on/off being notify when new posts come in.
  20. Delete account

    How do I close my account? I’m getting way too much spam and post that have nothing to do with this site.
  21. Got out once more

    I'd imagine that RNA isolation sample by reagent RVD-E would be of great interest to the frequent visitors to SledNH. Maybe not as big at off-trail riding or registration fees, but still big. Or, maybe not.
  22. Pending trial testimony it's difficult to understand the events that day, but it may be that two riders passed the F&G site at high speed, and the officer took off after the two. The third rider then came through and collided with the F&G officer. There's no way he could have known there was a third rider. We'll have to wait for the trial to hear the whole story.
  23. All Three were doing 60 mph . .. But, Fish + Game was in the middle . . All the pieces don't fit together Did Fish + Game just jump in the middle? ? ?
  24. We need stiffer fines and penalties for aggressive acts. Nowhere in the State except on frozen lakes, can an OHRV travel faster than 35 mph. The posted speed was 25 mph, but even if they did not notice the posted speed... they would have been far beyond the maximum. The fine currently is not enough to stop those that realize the odds of being caught are so small. We keep setting the fines based on the registration costs... and non-registration, though it removes funding for our system, doesn't jeopardize the trail access or the safety of others.
  25. LANCASTER — A Massachusetts man has been charged with reckless conduct and vehicular assault in the ATV collision that seriously injured N.H. Fish and Game Conservation Officer Matt Holmes last June. A Coos County grand jury has indicted Ryan Gingras-Jodrie, 24, of Groton, Mass., with reckless conduct. The Coos County Attorney’s office also charged Gingras-Jodrie with the Class A misdemeanor count of vehicular assault. Holmes was running stationary radar in Dummer on the Dummer Pond Road, which is open to cars and trucks as well as OHRVs. He was attempting to stop two ATVs when his patrol ATV was struck from behind by an ATV operated by Gingras-Jodrie. All three ATVs were traveling at an estimated speed of 60 miles per hour, faster than the 25 mph posted limit for the road. Holmes was ejected from his ATV and landed several feet away. Fish and Game Conservation Officer Robert Mancini, who was working speed enforcement with Holmes, dragged the unconscious officer from the middle of the busy trail and called for emergency medical help. Several riders who came upon the accident stopped to assist Holmes. Holmes was transported from the scene by Gorham Ambulance to Androscoggin Valley Hospital in Berlin and then transferred by helicopter to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, Maine. He suffered broken ribs and numerous cuts and bruises. Fish and Game Col. Kevin Jordan, head of law enforcement, said the department is happy to see charges filed against the driver of the ATV that hit Holmes’s patrol ATV. He noted it has been almost a year since the incident. Jordan said Holmes could have been killed in the incident. “We were very lucky,” he said. Jordan said Holmes was out of work for about a month and then was on light duty for a while. He said the other two ATV operators involved in the incident pleaded guilty to charges in district court. Jordan said they were waiting for the driver of the ATV that hit Holmes’s patrol ATV to be charged. Holmes is familiar to viewers of the television show “North Woods Law” as one of the N.H. Fish and Game conservation officers followed by the television show. A crew from “North Woods Law” was filming when the accident occurred.
  26. HB334 filed 4/10/2021

    Status of HB334 The bill was reported out of Senate committee with an "ought to pass with amendments". It seems the Senate used this bill to change a couple other gun-related regulations as well as changing the House version. Passed the House 2021-05-25 / Engross Committee Report: Ought to Pass, 05/27/2021; Senate Calendar 25A Engrossed Bill A legislative proposal that has been prepared in a final form for its submission to a vote of the lawmaking body after it has undergone discussion and been approved by the appropriate committees.
  27. Spring Vintage Swap Meet

    Just noticed this on VSCA site, so looks like ea Location: cook-out Posted By: Brad Gooden Time Posted: 2021-05-30 09:09:25 Location: Landaff, NH Email: Phone: 603-838-6383 Just wondering if any early birds at Bear Brook on Friday evening want to organize a cook-out. Steve & I will likely get there about 6 or so. Will bring a small grill for any to use. Will also bring "some" burgers & dogs. See ya there ! rly birding is a go.
  28. Spring Vintage Swap Meet

    Not sure if Friday set up is going to happen. I know that it has been done before, but will try and get an answer for you. pathfinder
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