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SDR Trails stiil closed as of Monday the 16th

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From the club website

Here is the latest on SDR Trail System….for the last 7-10 days, we have been readying the trail system while we await snow…with yesterday’s storm of 10-15 inches plus what was on the ground and the recent cold temperatures, we will send the groomers out tomorrow and start working the trails….additionally, we still have signing that needs to be accomplished…as of now, we are projecting official trail opening for Friday…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay off the trails until then….we need the trails to harden up once they have been groomed…we’ll post another notice later in the week making the official announcement….so watch this website as well as the clubhouse phone….we’ll have a recorded message on there as well…thank you..

Jim Nuttall, President SDR

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