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12-23-12 first tracks

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Glad to say my 1012 / 2013 season has started a trip this past sunday 12/23/12. After studying the snow depth map all week we decided on a trip near Mt washington area, here is what the lot looked like, 18 degrees 4 inches of hard pac/ice with two or three inches of new snow. 2012-1013-1.jpg

My son Greg and friends Mark and Phil rode into Jericho park via 11 north gates were open from where we left from, woods trail not too bad ,the wide logging roads were great. and the first stop was the Jericho hut up on the hill. 705685_571914086155966_658124841_o.jpg

The view looking due east from the hut 2013-4.jpg

Then we rode most of the ATV trails that criss cross the park wow what a blast here is what those looked like, just don’t go in the ditch they are very deep just ask Phil. 414214_572176169463091_771675825_o.jpg

The conditions were better than I had expected elevation was the key, see ya on the trails, it has begun. Merry Christmas.

Rev-Ed out!

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