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First ride of the season on bear notch road!

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Just got home from bear notch road and it was great, they easily got a foot of snow there. We were going to go to twin mt. but when we pulled in the parking lot we decided there was not 6" of snow (which is the legal amount to ride on in the WMNF) so we headed twenty more minutes up thru crawford notch to bear notch road. We parked on the Bartlett side in the parking lot for trucks and trailers on the left just before the entrance of bear notch rd where they keep the groomer and drags. Yes the gate is closed,but as I stated before the gate closes on Nov. 1st at bear notch road and that is not the entrance for snowmobiles. We went in thru the marked signed entrance which is directly off the parking area and runs next to a house just set off to the left of the gate in the woods. They did plow the first half mile or so of the road for logging from this end, but as most shared roads they plow you can ride the side which was like a packed trail which many sleds did including us. You can also park on the kangamangus side of bear notch road but there is not as much parking. The riding was great, it was very well packed down from the sled traffic and we put on 43 miles in a couple hours. As you ride along bear notch road there is some side trails you can take. Only one was open on the right side from the bartlett end. We went down there about 5 miles or so and when you came to the next intersection both ways had been plowed for logging so you have to turn around and go out the way you came in. It was great to get the itch out and also break in the new top end on the sled.

I would say you can definetly ride tomorrow if you get there early. We left at 1:30 today and there was only a few spots in the corners starting to show the pavement. The temp was not to warm up there today and was already dropping when we left. It will be below freezing up there tonight so everything that is on the ground now will be there tomorrow. Also a lot of that road is in the shade and does not get direct sunlight. If you are looking to do a few miles then go and have fun, i think you will be happy with the conditions!

Ps: before anyone yells, notice the current registration on the front of the cowel in the first picture. The other sled has the sticker on the very bottom of the cowel which is hard to see in the pictures. We both registered at Naults in Windham, NH two weeks ago.

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Looks like a good time yamarev... :drinks:

I hope this season gets started sooner rather than later,

I am ready to ride :yahoo:

Having an HCS Connecticut get together tomorrow, at least we can talk about it :blink:

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