1973 Raider 400cc in really good shape.

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That's a hoot! I did own that one at one time, but I too ,never registered it. I have owned about six of them over the years and only remember a 74 that I did register, but have no memory of where the vin would be. Your best bet would be to follow the link below to Vintage Sleds . Com, click on Bull Sessions and that will bring you to several sections, click on Vintage Tech Help and start a thread seeking the location of the vin, and you will be sure to get your answer. You may have to register a screen name but this is a most valuable site and will be a source of lots of information. I now live in Pittsburg NH after moving here from Ashburnham, where I owned that sled.
Let me know how you make out! I'll try and post the info myself and see what happens.

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