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Hello All !

This is a new feature here at SledNH and I hope you all like how it works.

What you do is list a future ride you are planning that you are looking for other riders to join you on.

In the TOPIC section of your post it should have ONLY the Date and DAY you plan on riding.

This way if you put the wrong Date we can double check.

In the posting section of the post be as specific as possible .....

Where you are leaving from .......

What time you are leaving the meeting area ....

What type of riding you plan on doing .... Slow ...... Medium ..... Fast .......

How long of a ride ..... Half day ..... All Day .... Overnight ......

How many rider's you are looking for (set a maximum if you like).

Another type of post would be someone looking for others to ride with say

certain day of the week ANY WEEK of the riding season. Those types of posts

will stay up all season and if there ends up too many maybe we could have a

Sub-Section off this forum for those ONLY.

Rob ......

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