Cold Much?

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Last couple of nights in Pittsburg have been in the 30's. Great for not much of anything when you add consistent rain to the mix. Kind of makes you think of winter and Snowmobiling.  What are your thoughts?




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:wacko:. Strange weather here on the shoreline . ..

Wide swings in temperature, wind, rain...

But at $ 6.49 a gallon for fuel oil, I'm not so sure  how it will impact.the snowmobile community.

Fuel costs have doubled since the start of the year . . . Groomers, sledders,  volunteers  are all going to feel the shake down. . .

Sadly, if we got a Blizzard there would be little enthusiasm and people cringing about the extra costs.

Snowcheck 2023 peeved me when I couldn't get a preseason sled in the first days..  .  .  .  Somehow, I do believe there will be units canceled 


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