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Yesterday we had a one day warmup yesterday with temps in the 40's.  Unfortunately it did not get that cold last night and we paid the price today when we went riding in Swift Diamond and Pittsburg where many of the trails were in rough shape.  Most likely the groomers were not able to get out yesterday or last night due to the warm temps so we picked our way through the system on Primary Trails and tried to avoid the Corridor trails.  After 40 miles of bumping around we worked our way back south to the Millsfield area and got another 20 miles of riding in there where trails were in better shape.  There were a lot of sleds out.  I did not count but we surely passed over 150 sleds.  This is on a Thursday so I cannot imagine what it will be like for the next 3 days. We also saw tons of sleds at LL Cote's and Log Haven.  It really looked like a Saturday.  Some good news -  we got 2"-3" of flurries this morning when the cold front came in.  Sled activity should drop off next week after NH school vacation week is over but warmer temps are expected so we will have to see how this all plays out.

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