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News story on 2019-2020 season

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Today's Union Leader has a story on the 2019-2020 sled season in the north country of NH. There are interviews with BoT's  Chris Gamache, NHSA's Dan Gould, F&G's Captain Michael Eastman, and SnoFest coordinator and former NHSA's Gail Hanson.

Capt Eastman stated that as of 2/26/2020 40,272 sleds have been registered, which is a drop of about 4,000 sleds from the previous year.

Some quotes from the story.

Capt Eastman: Rental sled accidents caused "by inexperience rather than speed or alcohol" "a spike in registrations in February"

Chris Gamache: "The season wasn't bad"  "BoT looking at creating designated areas for back-country riding"

Dan Gould: "We did not believe it was going to be as strong a year as it was" "a lot of riders went north" "Coos County had a good year after a slow start"

Gail Hanson: It's been a probably fair to good season" "Hotels and restaurants up here have been full"

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