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The Keith Haynes trail

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I've heard that the Colebrook Ski-Bees have a new trail trail named after Keith Haynes. I remember the old Keith Haynes trail that we'd pass on the way to Colebrook. That trail was not our first option. Here's a magazine story about riding sleds in the area around the Balsams back in the 1990's.
American Snowmobiler  1994

We got in a lot of riding in not a lot of miles. Especially when we hit the R. Keith Haynes Memorial Trail. The sign on the Haynes trail marker simply stated, "North Country's First Groomed Trail." The joke of the day was "…and it hasn't been groomed since." It was a narrow trail. Ice formed from a previous rain and melt had frozen hard and bumpy in the -30 degree temperatures we faced during our travels. No amount of grooming would make a difference until much more snow would come. In the meantime, the grooming club would suffer abuse for this next to impossible to groom section of trail.

BTW: I have an extra 1992 Umbagog Sports Association trail map that I can spare, any taker? This is the one with a picture of the new 197 ft bridge over the Androscoggin River built by the club. 


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