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John I apologize

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John I’d like to apologize for becoming rude. 

whats Been a multi year battle with you and some others on SledNH. It’s gone from a subject, to a debate, to an argument. Now I’m starting to be a wise ass, next is insults and that wouldn’t be very Christian of me. 

I do stand by every argument and point I’ve made. NH snowmobiling is in dire trouble and it could very well be too late. 

After exhausting my argument to try to even get an acknowledgment, it’s no use. There’s just no way it’s going to happen and you have officially convinced me of it. 

I’ve watched everyone I know move into Maine and I’ve been fighting it. After this season I’ll be making the switch. Another family will be going with us. 7 registrations each year, soon to be 8 and eventually 9- will all be heading to Maine with the rest of them.

Both of our families have trail access from our homes in Strafford county, that’s the main reason we’ve been hanging on. But when we typically only have a month or two of local riding, we trailer more than we don’t. So Going passed Rochester and Milton just over into western York county won’t be an issue.

We’ll be able to afford that low cost home In a couple years to make our home base and than we won’t need to trailer at all. 

It’s a tough pill to swallow because I’m a very proud NH boy but such is life right..

So gentleman, and ladies-if Penelope is still around. I’ve had a blast since 2012, but I’m leaving SledNH for good. I wish everyone a great season and seasons moving forward. It’s been fun, but no longer is. 

I hope NH and every person who has help keep NH exactly the same since your first single cylinder Citation will someday fully appreciate the damage that’s been done to the sledding population in NH. 

Just remember that the younger generation isn’t lazy.

We work hard- real hard.We fight wars- decades long wars.
We’re very proud Americans, so we don’t like to be pushed around (hence my zero fucks given). 

We love being part of something, that’s why the church is on the raise again.

We’re having bigger families than our parents had.
my grandmom had 9 children and 14 grandchildren. 
My parents had 3 kids and 12 grandkids. 

The world is fast pace and families are busier than ever so that’s what makes it hard for some to do as much for the clubs but it doesn’t mean we don’t want to. We just need to get to where are large families are old enough to. 
I spend 6 months a year coaching my son, sports are year round now. It takes time before we’re able to commit because we’re committed to our families. (Im in no way implying that other gens weren’t committed to their families). What I am saying is it’s a much faster world out there now and it’s harder for younger families. This is why I think clubs have trouble with younger involvement, it’s certainly not because we don’t want to.

We are all successful, motivated, family oriented That’s the generation that’s been pushed out of NH  

that I do not apologize for, so...      

John, again I’m sorry for my rude comments, we wouldn’t know each other if we met on the street so to be a wise ass was out of line.

Hoping to make my final year on our trails a good one, so see you out there  

Good luck in NH riding and God Bless  


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1 hour ago, WideOpenOrNothin said:

John I’d like to apologize for becoming rude. 
Hoping to make my final year on our trails a good one, so see you out there  

Good luck in NH riding and God Bless  


That I like, not saying those are the only words. Hate to see us going at each other. I could be wrong but I don't see it as that bad in NH. I am in favor of reasonable speed limits. If things ever really get that bad and Maine is it we are seeing a lot of that now a days.  Not saying it would be good but better that than nothing.

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