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Been quiet around here, hope everyone is doing well.


Been a very hectic couple of months for me, finally getting out from under everything.


Took my last ride of the season this year in March, with BigGuyNH, we had a great day cruising the Baker River and surrounding area trails.

About that time, it became evident that my daughter’s marriage was not going to survive. They had been married for seven years, and struggling for several months. I thought they would be able to get things straightened out, but it wasn’t to be. Couldn’t say what really happened, they have chosen not to share too much, but it seems that my son-in-law was just too unhappy to stick with it. My daughter wanted to try to get back in track, but he seemed to have given up, for reasons I don’t fully understand.

They have a little girl, who will be three in a couple of weeks, and another on the way. Long story short, she moved in with us, along with our grand-daughter, and their german shepard in March, while seven months pregnant. We like the dog, but never had one of our own, and wasn’t looking forward to having a 95 pound animal in the house, but you do what you have to do.

Spent most of March and April moving her stuff out of their house, while it was for sale, some of it into our house, rest into storage, meanwhile trying to get her settled, helping our granddaughter get used to a new living arrangement, along with the dog (the dog was harder).  She had her baby in early May, so now we have another little one in the house, which is great in a number of ways, but I have to say we had become accustomed to being empty-nesters.

Normally, after my last ride of the season, the sleds get cleaned, lubed, and anything that needs to be done for next season taken care of, and they get tucked into the trailer for the summer. That didn’t happen until last weekend, and I still have not had time to clean up the trailer (hopefully this weekend).

My granddaughter is a pretty good sidekick, took a trip to the nursery last weekend to buy flowers, then ‘helped’ me work on the sleds. She is much more interested in playing with cars and trucks than dolls and princess stuff, and is happy to be outside with her tools, and helping to plant the flowers.

Finally getting caught up on my springtime chores. Our daughter has found a house, which is being built over the summer, so they will be with us until the fall, then she should be moving into her own place, about 10 miles away. Not going to be easy as a single mother with two under four years old, hopefully she will be able to manage with some help from us.


Here are some pics of our newest granddaughter, and my sidekick helping with the sleds last weekend. 







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Wish you all the best. 

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You are a good man and a great Father and perfect grandfather. too many today don't care about their own family, you are one of the few great ones. I tip my hat to you.


With my new sled, we will have more fun!!! 



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Life is full of surprises! This one was unexpected, but you dealt with it in the best possible fashion for everyone involved. Hats off to you and your family.  We all are thrown a curve ball somewhere in this lifetime and how we deal with it is something we can't predict, until we are in the middle of it.


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