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BRVSC trail's changes

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Just in the event that you, like me, haven't ridden the Baker River Valley Snowmobile Club's trails in a while, be aware that there are some closed trails, These trails (Whicher Trail, Dorchester Trail) provided a connection between C-5 and trails to the east. If you travel on C-8 N to C-5 S there is no loop trail to bring you back to C-8. Lots of good riding out there, but that loop is broken. You really need to give the Rocky Loop off C-5 a try if you like the smooth and twisty stuff. There's a significant logging operation happening north of the BRVSC clubhouse on C-8, but it's passable and the crew working there is very tolerant of sleds passing through. It's being handled very well. BTW: There's a skidder working there that appears, from a sled seat, about the size of an aircraft carrier, you'd do well to avoid contact with that rig. Looks like the club is dealing pretty well with some challenges.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I'll admit that a nice woman at the clubhouse gave me a free map, but I don't consider that to be a bribe. It was a good day.

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