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Arctic Cat 660 question - Check Engine light

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Noticed check engine light was on, this after a 50ish mile day of mostly slow riding by a buddy with this fam on board.  The engine sounds fine, starts right up, idles just fine, took it for a quick spin, nothing out of the ordinary.  All the fluids are fine, although i added some antifreeze while i was there... 

Did some reading and although i found some stuff about a speedo sensor/magnet issue, as well as bearing issue...  I also came across what seems to be a potential situation where if the machine/ECU doesn't read a speed for prolonged periods, that too could light the lamp.

I disconnected the battery and turned the key to reset the computer, started it and the light was not on, shut it down.  Someone said i need to run it a bit at 25-30 and then WFO (which is an eye popping, neck snapping 50ty-5ty5) in order to have any comfort in this being the fix.

It's 2002 with about 1,000 miles, near showroom condition, no ECU cable corrosion possible...

Just throwing it out there to see if any locals might have some intel/experience with this.  I won't be able to run it until this weekend to see if that Arctichat thread i found was the fix (disco the battery to reset the computer).


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Could it have been hot? Riding slow with passengers could have overheated, not enough snow to the coolers. You take it for a quick spin after it cools, don't find a problem. 


Left side driveshaft bearing is usually good for about 5000 miles. but it could be bad if it was never greased. There is a fitting down there, behind the clutch. When the bearing is failing, the speedo will stop working, often the magnet the trips the sensor will be knocked off.  

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