Official 2019 riding pic thread

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134 or so miles with Nox, Coldbrew, and 6 others. Left from Wellington state park and headed north....Hardy Country in the morning was the best I’ve ever seen it.....warren to Haverhill started out nice, but went quickly down hill, trails and fields were bare and icy....just not enough snow that way. We ate lunch and headed back to warren and over to Campton and back south to Plymouth and back to Newfound lake. Hardy Country was still great on our way back through at 4pm. Got the fleet out for a family picture today.






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Nice encounter yesterday (Sat. 2/16) on 155.  My 7 year old was amazed to see this big lady (I think it was female) on the trails!  We kept our distance and let her trot along for a ways...she eventually hoofed up into the woods after a bit of high revving from someone in another group who was stopped coming from the other direction.





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