I'M BACK!!!!!!

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After a long hiatus, i'm back. YUP, another "old fart" is back. Things have changed though. I am now retired, after 23 years of doing it. I have moved north to West Stewartstown. The big purple truck, Barney, is gone, miss the ole girl. Sleds have changed, have picked up a 4 seat RZR for the summer. So, if you see the orange Crossfire with the guy wearing a 509 helmet with pink braids flying, that would be me. Ride on, ride safe.  gnISWL2i8LKu7nnTAceBmJFntcBbuVQVKoFyTjPa3LQuC8F1bYyerfSMWRKf0CIxJ0OLvvENe81oCPcTW42cvRliF_YfSxrwt7TWSuGDWpa1gEj8ftv-KAG3Kj9htYS9tUc9irm3H5kxmOEcU8wkMS66VfgXnxIQBGbakGCGuqGiMLcumSUbIWqQvxOsn4NMhbsou_2k6gczTD6HTyQqLBPYClb4-VxaQtws0CgWIuLVMeRH-wM3DIpUc0QU9vdZpTXgDKjrVO7mCvHgEvprukKgRGMNMEN4hCbpIVPqWS8ixZOtU3WfksV7sNxGCoN8zVZ-JXxlZif7502gK8OhTYfZ1Kz94mmbzQol1HAAvkyssfSqH6hDY_g7RmdR37xqOxIuELlj-Vxdn6hsqinbvsIzmvU68q9Dk-q8OMeQW1mtg0ng1XvswpNkq3G_wMl6b8UXuLsQgHUVmY22V3x9A3YVyLTmVZ4v91MyYN8WrvYvabCNn1ym3069riTEds5rnXkhblZ9U2bXgEY0AyZR-6qvrAFC7kRMUJyIS8YMEgJ9os18KYTm_EazQpQxbff8PNCfcayjUjV6eCg6o5Gdu6p2oO-1cS68Z1ch3O7y2_6jhjrYmG2HwH2OvYJdz7mT8ocu2TAmPiMRCI_xrrZyoyRH=w814-h610-no

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Welcome back!  I hope the quality of your former employer's products don't suffer by your absence.

Welcome to retirement and true Old Fart status!

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