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    • By Freedom Rider
      NHSA is being sued. Very little info was given out at Rockingham County Meeting last evening. Members attending meeting were informed that the Association was being sued. There was little info offered other than that and that if anybody wants more info the must call the NHSA President as the Board of Directors were not given anymore info than that.Here is contact info: https://nhsa.com/new-hampshire-snowmobile-association-officers-and-directors/
      Pretty sad when Directors are supposed to be able to inform the members of what is going on yet they are given very little factual info to disperse.I was not present at the meeting so my info came from a friend who attended. The County Director and Assistant gave out what little info they had and tried to answer questions as best as they could. Gotta be hard being handcuffed when you are trying your best service the people who elected you. Thank you Rob and Donnie for making the effort to serve the clubs and members who elected you.
      Suit is in Belknap Superior Court. I have not seen any of the documents that are available from the Clerk of Courts. I hope to be up that way early next week. If anybody has a chance to grab a copy I am sure many would like too see what is really going on.