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"NHSA Menu Selections “Snowmobilers”

“Club Membership”


Revised Menu to show the difference between the NHSA Clubs Online Membership Portal and the Club Database Portal

When one uses the “SNOWMOBILES” MENU you enter what has been the CLUB DATABASE Portal.

Up until last Season this Menu selection was only used by the CLUBS as a MENBERSHIP DATABASE PORTAL. The “Create a Membership Account” was activated and used by some 30 Clubs. Because of the changes in what would be the Accepted “Document” to Register a Snowmobile and receive the $30.00 Discount, the number has doubled.

I would not doubt the participation in the program would include all of the NHSA Clubs. With this a most likely to happen this Season.

What I am requesting is that these 2 “SITES” be separated and given their own Menu Selections.

This is Item has now and will be for the future a highly Trafficked Site. At present its placement looks as an afterthought.


See suggested CHANGES. 

NHSA Menu Selections.doc




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