Evergreen Valley SMC fund raiser

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The Evergreen Valley Snowmobile Club with trails in Milton, Milton Mills, Middleton, Union, Farmington, New Durham, Brookfield and Wakefield, has an extremely generous member who is offering an 8x10 up to 10x12 custom built shed with 2 screened, vinyl windows, a 4 ft wide double door and a ramp. The lay out can be determined by the highest bidder of the shed. We are always looking for help in maintaining the trails and our equipment and this is a way for you to get something in return for your donation. We would like to have all bids in by the end of August in order to allow time for your new shed to be delivered and built before the snow flies. These sheds usually retail in the 1500$ range, remember that EVSC is a nonprofit organization and a tax ID can be provided, if requested. Please send your bids via email to klarmie@twc.com






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Nice to see a different type of fund raiser! Everyone on here would like that shed!



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forget the shed, gimmie a sled! :lol:

All kidding aside, that it a great idea and should appeal to tons of people. Who doesn't want a new shed?

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