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Posible Good News on ID Numbers

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After a brief talk with NHAS President Beth Horvath-Palmer, at the NHSA Annual Meeting, she will try to setup a meeting with the NHSA Officers and Directors to discuss the situation on ID Numbers.:)The loss of having the ID Numbers ahead of time effects 61% of our anticipated Annual Memberships. Mailed in Applications seem to be a way of the PAST.


To: Beth Horvath-Palmer

Results of a talk with Beth.


Thank you for taking the time to listening and offer to take this
matter up with the Board.

I and my Clubs concerns are how Clubs will be affected by the loss of
the ability of using Club generated ID Numbers that we issue our
Members so they can Register their Sleds and receive the $30.00

Fish and Game has now made NHSA the only source of "ID" Numbers.

My main concern at the present time is My Club and other Clubs that have
multiple Sources of generating membership will not, without "Blocks"
of ID Numbers", be able to use our Agent Dealer Membership locations
and Online Membership Websites as we need the ID Number ahead of time
to function.

It is my hope that we could work a plan where Clubs that have these
multiple sources for generating Memberships could receive "Blocks" of
"ID" Numbers before the Season started.

The Clubs would have the responsibility of accounting for these Numbers.
A more detail plan would need to be worked out.

I have attached a newer copy of the memo I presented you yesterday at
the Annual Meeting that I hope makes it clearer to understand what I
am asking.

After reading the memo again this morning, I had trouble making sense
of it. It looked clear to me yesterday morning when put it to gather.
This version should be clearer to read and understand.

Again thanks for listening to me.

George Higgins

Membership Chairman, Moultonboro Snowmobile Club


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