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Vermont contributes a lot

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I saw this article in regards to a new bridge over the lamoille river for shared rail trail use.

Rail trail gets big funding boost

Extra state help should speed completion of 93-mile route

It doesn’t have a snazzy name — Bridge 68 — but the span over the Lamoille River in Cambridge Junction is being replaced, one of the last local sections of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail that needs an overhaul.

And, a change in state funding could really speed up completion of the 93-mile trail between St. Johnsbury and Swanton.

The Vermont Agency of Transportation has come to a new funding agreement with the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, which oversees the rail trail project. The state will now cover 80 percent of future project costs through its bike and pedestrian program, while VAST will have to raise only 20 percent in matching funds.


“The language called for a 50-50 match before,” said Rich Westman, Lamoille County’s lone state senator. Even that was new; the 50-50 match was created only last year before being amended to the 80-20 figure.

To cover its share, the state will set aside $1 million in each annual budget over the next few years.

For VAST, “for every $2 they raise, they’ll get $8 from the bike-ped program,” Westman said.

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3 hours ago, John Mercier said:

The difference is in the two mechanism used by each State.  

You are correct. One State has an Association that helps the Trails grow and be well kept. The other one rapes the clubs and it's members to the point that clubs are folding and people are leaving the state or sport in numbers. Without trails you have no sport of snowmobiling. What do they think will happen when the trails go away even faster than they are now? Put their gear on and sit on a sled at the Grassdrags and yell vroom vroom this is bitchin, hey bub send it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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VAST, through the TMA system, already has direct access to assure that each machine on the trail is a member of the Association. 

I think you will find that people that are leaving snowmobiling have many reasons, cost for such a short season is surely one. But I can not think of any means for any group of humans to ensure that enough snow will fall in all sections of NH for a long enough season, to alter that value judgement.

Others, most of whom already have to trailer to reach sufficient snow, are choosing Maine... the distant being about equal and the overall cost of registration, lodging, etc. being what they judge to be a better value.

Now, if you are suggesting that a State Association may be able to operate in less costly manner... that would be accurate.





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