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HK Powersports Hours

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My brother-in-law and I decided that it's time to register our sleds. We have a trip scheduled for Maine the last weekend of the month (reciprocal weekend), Another one in NH in mid-February. So we wanted to register in NH before the Maine trip. Checked the HK Powersports (Hookset) website, says they close at 8:00 on Friday. I called them to be sure they do registrations, which they do.

Started the 70 drive about 5:00 Friday night, expect to get there in plenty of time. GPS says we should arrive about 6:30, no problem. Accident on 93, slow going, lose about 45 minutes, so we pull in about 7:15. Lights out??? Check the door, it says they close at 7:00, so they are done and gone. Too bad I didn't think to verify closing time while I had them on the phone.

Frustrating to say the least. Would have been fine if not for the accident, guess I should just be glad I wasn't in it.

Point is, even the dealers don't do a great job keeping the websites up to date, might save someone a trip.

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