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Found 1 result

  1. Another Trail Issue

    We have a couple Trail Issues in the Union Wakefield area, the first is that we've lost the trail that goes from Corridor 26 to Lovell Lake We got a new landowner a couple years ago and it's been kind of an on again off again permission thing which always seems to resolve itself by the time Snow Flies well this year it hasn't and as of right now the Trail is closed and will probably remain so for this year. Our Biggest issue is the Maple Street Bridge over the Branch River in Union, It has been closed to traffic for a long time but we have got permission from the Selectmen each year to move the barriers and use it for snowmobiles. It however has been deteriorating these last few years and with the Rains we had a few weeks ago washed out the area behind the abutments and it is no longer safe even for Snowmobiles. We are trying to come up with a couple of options to either put narrow sled only bridge across the top of what's there or come up with an alternate way through the Village by using the Bridge St bridge and for this year at least the sidewalk alongside RT 125 to intersect with the current trail. If we can get the permissions this may turn out to be a better alternative.