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Found 1 result

  1. Lots going on @ 45th Parallel Cabins

    Its been a very busy summer for us up here. From Northern Pass trying to buy many properties in our area including us.To new ATV trails opening and us adding an additional cabin. I will start at the beginning. Back in February Northern Pass approached us about purchase of our land and cabin rental business. Over the next 2 mounts they made several different offers. After careful consideration we respectfully declined. Their offers were very generous but with a lot of blood sweat and tears poured into starting a successful business we felt we could not watch them bulldoze in all our hard work. So 45th Parallel Cabins is here to stay. Next up in May we were approached by a neighbor about the possibility purchasing of his home. It happened to be the very home in which our small neighborhood had met to discuss the probability of Northern Pass purchasing many properties in the area. If not for Northern Pass I may have never met these neighbors or seen their fine home in person. Anyway after looking over the home and land Korene and I made an offer. It was accepted and on August 9 we added a 3rd rental cabin to 45th Parallel Cabins. In the meantime also during the winter Metallak ATV club was formed, this club has been working tirelessly since January to secure trails for a "Northern connection" As of this past weekend you can ride and ATV from Coleman state park to the Balsams across route 26 and over Dixville peaks into the Millsfield ATV system This includes leaving from your door at all of 45th Parallel Cabins. Our Pinecone and Northwinds cabins have access right off the property to Diamond pond rd and then Rusty's rd on to the trails Our newest cabin has access off Sugar hill rd to the trails. So if anyone is looking for some summertime motorized recreation give us a call 603 286 4948 or e mail Here are a few pics of our newest place called the "Sugar Shack" We have not added it to our website yet but will be shortly It will be available after this week end. Dining room Kitchen living room bedroom second bed room bath View into the back yard and beyond