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Found 18 results

  1. Who's going to the NHSA Annual Meeting being held this coming Saturday at the Grappone Conference Center, Concord, NH ?
  2. We used to have a thread like this back in the early days of SledNH. Basically it's just a thread to post what the current conditions are where you are at. Currently 10┬░ and dropping here in Island Pond, VT. The wind is howling and there are a few flurries in the air.
  3. LOL

    Looks like it's coming down pretty good in Tamworth right now.
  4. I'm officially throwing in the towel on the 2015/2016 snowmobile season Even if we do get snow at this point it is to little to late. The sun is getting stronger every day and unless there is already a deep snow pack of dense snow in place at this time of year it is just going to melt soon after it falls. This will be the first year since I bought a leftover 1992 A/C Prowler in November of 1992 that I have not registered and ridden a snowmobile. I don't want to hear that I should register anyways just to support the system. Over the years I have more than paid my dues to the sport and don't feel bad about not registering for the first time in 22 years. Hopefully next year the snow is deep throughout New Hampshire and Vermont from December until April
  5. Our very own Dave Murray aka rivercat is quoted in this article from the national ABC News website.
  6. I thought it would be good to start a thread about some of the positive things that we would like to see the NHSA do. I'll start it off with something that I saw on the VAST website. A website training seminar. As we move toward online registrations next year it will be even more important for clubs to maintain an up to date website. Below is the info that was on the Vermont Associations website.
  7. NHSA Ride In

  8. The Irving gas station next to Faybans in Twin Mountain was closed and boarded up when I drove by earlier this week. I'm kind of surprised as they always seemed busy. Are there any other gas stations that are easily accessible by sled in the area?
  9. Fall Foliage 2015

    I was out yesterday afternoon checking on the foliage and ended up heading to the Great North Woods of NH. The color is about a week behind here in the NEK of VT and northern NH. Here's a pic I took yesterday in Pittsburg that some of you may recognize. It won't be long before it is snow covered Here's one of Rte 3 in Pittsburg.
  10. Are the new stickers going to be smaller in size ?
  11. I was just reading on Facebook about club memberships being offered online next year through NHSA. The post said all clubs will be the same price. From what I've heard NHSA is pushing for all clubs to set their membership fee at $25. I haven't been involved with my club since I moved to VT last year. But if I was still on the board I couldn't vote to drop our dues from $30 to $25. Since $10 already goes to the NHSA that would mean the club is loosing 25% of it's income. How are some clubs going to be able to handle this much of a drop in income when they are already struggling to make ends meet? In my opinion the entire funding issue in NH needs to be changed in order for the sport to continue at the level that we have come to expect.
  12. Busy season?

    How busy has it been on your favorite trails this winter? It's been very quite here in Island Pond, VT this winter. Island Pond is the Vermont equivalent to Pittsburg, NH. I have also spoken to friends in the Ossipee area and was told that it's very quiet there considering the fantastic trail conditions.
  13. Baker River Area

    Can someone who is familiar with the area tell me if there is a parking area that can accommodate a crew cab truck and a 31' enclosed trailer? Thanks
  14. Maybe it was a re-run from last year but still good to see the good press about the sport. Can't believe Chris let Erin drive his sled!!!!
  15. Here is some information about the place: This log home features great views with direct access to state trail 5. I will rent to responsible adults for weekends, school vacation weeks, Snodeo, NHSA Easter Seal Ride In and for any and all of the Vintage Race Series races. The place will accomodate a max of 6 people. There are two bedrooms and a half bath on the lower level along with a sitting area with Direct TV . On the main floor there is a great room with sliders to a large deck, a full bath, ultra modern eat in kitchen with gas range,microwave, dish washer, disposer and fridge. The kitchen is equipped with all the items needed to prepare any kind of meal you may desire. On the third level are two more bedrooms and another full bath. Only one of these bedrooms is available to renters and it has two twin beds. RENTAL FEE-- The rental fee is $50.00 per person per night. There is a four person minimum as well as a two night minimum stay, for a total of $ 400.00 for two nights. A maximum of six people will be allowed. This is a NON-SMOKING -- NO PETS home. You are only 4 or 5 miles from Coleman State Park and a half mile by sled to gas at Diamond Peaks. PM or text 603-706-0110 me for more information and more pics.
  16. It almost time for the annual OVSC Swap Meet and Vintage SNowmobile Show. The event takes place next Saturday November 24th at Canoe King on Rte 16 in Tamworth from 9AM-3PM. The club will be selling burgers, hot dogs and the world famous Yankee Smokehouse Chili. Please contact Mark Fournier @ 978-388-5568 if you have any questions.
  17. A few OVSC members were able to get a section of the Bowles Cut-off brushed earlier today. Hopefully we get a few more volunteers next weekend as there's still a lot to do beforw the snow comes.
  18. Lots going on @ 45th Parallel Cabins

    Its been a very busy summer for us up here. From Northern Pass trying to buy many properties in our area including us.To new ATV trails opening and us adding an additional cabin. I will start at the beginning. Back in February Northern Pass approached us about purchase of our land and cabin rental business. Over the next 2 mounts they made several different offers. After careful consideration we respectfully declined. Their offers were very generous but with a lot of blood sweat and tears poured into starting a successful business we felt we could not watch them bulldoze in all our hard work. So 45th Parallel Cabins is here to stay. Next up in May we were approached by a neighbor about the possibility purchasing of his home. It happened to be the very home in which our small neighborhood had met to discuss the probability of Northern Pass purchasing many properties in the area. If not for Northern Pass I may have never met these neighbors or seen their fine home in person. Anyway after looking over the home and land Korene and I made an offer. It was accepted and on August 9 we added a 3rd rental cabin to 45th Parallel Cabins. In the meantime also during the winter Metallak ATV club was formed, this club has been working tirelessly since January to secure trails for a "Northern connection" As of this past weekend you can ride and ATV from Coleman state park to the Balsams across route 26 and over Dixville peaks into the Millsfield ATV system This includes leaving from your door at all of 45th Parallel Cabins. Our Pinecone and Northwinds cabins have access right off the property to Diamond pond rd and then Rusty's rd on to the trails Our newest cabin has access off Sugar hill rd to the trails. So if anyone is looking for some summertime motorized recreation give us a call 603 286 4948 or e mail Here are a few pics of our newest place called the "Sugar Shack" We have not added it to our website yet but will be shortly It will be available after this week end. Dining room Kitchen living room bedroom second bed room bath View into the back yard and beyond