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Found 3 results

  1. What comes next? Fat Lady Singing for clubs.
  2. Traveling north to Gorham via NH Corridor 19, from Wolfeboro, the route crosses into Maine where it becomes #80. After zig- zagging in & out of Maine a couple of time, you finally end-up back in NH for the final miles to Gorham. I have never done this ride because of the expensive of registration in Maine. Talking to someone over the weekend, told me that you Do Not need a Maine registration, if you are Only traveling that route to points north in NH. They said as long as you are on that Corridor 19 in NH, or 80 in Maine, your are exempt from needing a Maine registration, but just don't get caught off of it. Is this true? Can anyone confirm this to be the case. I would love to do that Trek this winter on my new sled. Thank You, ultrarider
  3. is it allowed for nh only registration to ride corridor 19 seems on map directs out to right and comes back, does that mean maine and if so is nh allowed to travel that bit to get from conway to gorham and vise versa. any other way to go if what? you have to reg nh and me both to travel it.