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  1. This past July new OHRV and Snowmobile administrative rules were adopted by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. There were many changes from the old rules that have been in place for the prior 10 years. One of changes was the OHRV/Snowmobile Event Permits. In the past permits were due into the department 30 before the event. Under the New rules event permits “MUST BE RECEIVED AT LEAST 45 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT”. This does not mean post marked. If the club falls within the 45 days the event will not be approved. Notification was sent out back in July and August. Below is a link to the Fis 1500 rules. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the office at 603-271-3129 or email at I'm just getting the word out as many ways possible. Please let your clubs know. Again any questions please feel free to contact me. Dennis