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Found 21 results

  1. Hopefully This will clear the "confusion" Informational Notice to Snowmobile Registration Applicants Prepared by Captain John B. Wimsatt The purpose of this notice is to provide clarification and background information regarding the recent transition from a paper-based membership process to an electronic club membership system being implemented by the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association (NHSA). Recently, numerous postings to snowmobile social media sites have referenced lengthy discussions about the new club membership process. Much of this information has been inaccurate and misleading. Effective communication is key to achieving desired outcomes and goals. To that end, here is an explanation of where we at NHFG are at with regard to the transition to the electronic NHSA club membership program. During the fall of 2012, the NHFG Registration Program was audited by the Legislative Budget Assistant (LBA). In the results summary, the findings recommended improving our ability to monitor membership registrations and registration certificates. In short, the current process of verifying and documenting proof of a paid club membership is deficient. Numerous, irreconcilable membership numbering systems were then, and still are, collected and recorded on our registration forms. This presents a problem that not only impacts my Department, but also the NHSA, DRED BOT, the clubs and the riders themselves. To address the problem, I began by communicating the issue to NHSA on several occasions at monthly NHSA Board meetings after the audit. We then began discussions to develop possible solutions. It became readily apparent that the best option was for NHSA to develop an electronic on-line membership program. The key feature to the system would be to provide one verifiable, auditable and unique numbering system to ensure proper control measures and ensure accurate reconciliation. Currently, the NHFG registration system accepts more than one numbering system to include an NHSA ID card number, a club number, and an NHSA voucher number. The reason we currently accept all of these formats is derived from the existing statutes and associated administrative rule. The applicable laws and rules are as follows: (I selected a resident club member registration as an example. Keep in mind these fees do not reflect the $3 Agent fee, $2 Transaction fee and $1 Search and Rescue fee) 215-C:39 Registration Fees. – The fees to be collected under this chapter are as follows: I. Individual resident registration--$90 for each snowmobile registration upon presentation of a valid driver's license issued to a New Hampshire resident 18 years of age or older. An individual resident registering a snowmobile who provides proof, at the time of registration, that the individual is a member of an organized New Hampshire nonprofit snowmobile club which is a member of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association shall pay $60 for each snowmobile. 215-C:52 General Administration. – I. Except as provided in RSA 215-C:9 and RSA 215-C:10, the executive director is authorized to adopt and amend, pursuant to RSA 541-A, such rules and administrative procedures which are consistent with the provisions of this chapter relative to snowmobiles that he or she deems necessary or advisable to carry out the intent and purposes of said provisions with regard to: o (a) Equipment requirements; o ( Registrations; o © Classification; o (d) The safety of operators, passengers, and other persons; and (e) The protection of property. Fis 1503.02 OHRV and Snowmobile Registrations. (a) Applicants for OHRV or snowmobile registrations as defined in RSA 215-A:1 and RSA 215-C:1, shall provide to the agent on a form provided by the department the following: (g) For the purposes of proving club membership, applicants shall show a membership card or a paid membership application for the current registration year in a non-profit snowmobile club as specified in RSA 215-C:39, I and III. These laws and rules provide the basis for how we currently go about collecting proof of a paid club membership. As stated above, and as reflected by the audit, my Department needs to improve on this system and eliminate the multiple and varied numbering systems for providing proof of a paid club membership in order to ensure verifiable and auditable data collected by our electronic system. What this all means to the clubs and individual snowmobilers is that for this 2015/2016 season, the process you have previously used to show proof of a paid membership to a club that is a member of NHSA remains unchanged, except that NHSA is no longer issuing a NHSA ID# card. For those clubs that relied on the NHSA ID# and card, we are not asking you to develop new numbering systems or cards, etc. as incorrectly reflected in the online posts. Use the NHSA Voucher or contact NHSA to discuss your options for this season. What has changed is that NHSA has developed an on-line membership process that generates a 12 digit voucher number. This number will be accepted as proof of paid membership. You do have the choice to use the approved methods used in the past for this season. However, moving forward and in an effort to meet our goal of improving the efficiency and accountability of this verification process, we encourage clubs and individual snowmobilers to work together to adopt this new membership process developed by NHSA. I recognize there has been and will be some growing pains that come with change, but I am confident that this new system will be a vast improvement over the antiquated, time consuming and cumbersome paper system that causes many inconveniences for the customer and registration agent. Once we receive word from NHSA that their membership voucher system has been fully adopted and vetted, we will review the existing rules currently in place. Under the authority granted in RSA 215-C:52 we will determine if any changes or updates need to be adopted so that we can continue to properly and responsibly administer our registration program compliant with current state accounting and control measures. This rules process ensures open and full opportunity for the public to attend hearings and offer input. Thank you to all those that have expressed an interest in this initiative and offered input towards the process. I am grateful for the efforts put forward by NHSA through President Roger Wright, the Board of Directors, and Executive Director Gail Hanson. Let us all remember that the end goal is about promoting the great sport of snowmobiling and to encourage growth and participation by current and future riders, clubs and families.
  2. Just found this on @dirt dummy FB page.
  3. Who's going to the NHSA Annual Meeting being held this coming Saturday at the Grappone Conference Center, Concord, NH ?
  4. Does anyone know if there is anything new on the online memberships? I was on the NHSA website and Roger Wright's post on the subject that was posted on December 28, 2015 says they hope to have it cleared up in 30 days.
  5. I thought it would be good to start a thread about some of the positive things that we would like to see the NHSA do. I'll start it off with something that I saw on the VAST website. A website training seminar. As we move toward online registrations next year it will be even more important for clubs to maintain an up to date website. Below is the info that was on the Vermont Associations website.
  6. On Tuesday, I noticed that NHSA had posted this on their website: NHSA has now donated NHSA more than 3 Million Dollars to Easter Seals Camp SnoMo!! So I sent and email to Gail Hanson (NHSA Executive Director) asking her to change it to this: NHSA clubs, members and sponsors have now donated more than 3 Million Dollars to Easter Seals Camp SnoMo!! When it did not get changed, I called Gail to find out why. She said she talked with Roger Wright (NHSA President) and he said to leave the wording alone. So I am asking all of you to please send emails to NHSA to tell them they should not be taking credit for something they did not do. Send emails to
  7. There have been some who were asking me (via Private Messenger) which version of letter I was referring to. Hope this clarifies it. Thank you for taking the time to vote. Letter of Understanding I am referring to is the newest draft sent out on December 18th, 2105 to the clubs, containing the following subjects: B. To become a member of NHSA and to receive all the benefits, each member of your club shall become a member of NHSA. C. Club officers agree that they understand and will adhere to the NHSA online Membership Management Program “Privacy Policy”. D. Club officers understand authorized users they have selected and allowed access into the database are accountable for any misuse of the system or information contained therein. Time for end of poll. I was trying to see what percentage of club members followed the goings on about new membership system involving how their clubs responded. Based on roughly 24,000 members in NHSA last year and 1561 members on Slednh. = roughly 6.5 % demographic cut at best. Of that only .0075% responded. I would interpret that as lack of info presented to snowmobiling public, no one really cares, or a lack of understanding of what direction that their club maybe going in. I will not choose which applies. Hopefully it is just a shortcoming on info getting out. Thank you for taking part in voting.
  8. NHSA Ride In

  9. Let’s tell the truth about Membership Fees, How you can Join a Club and How you can Register a Sled. I still see these comments on various Club websites? A: This season our dues structure will follow the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association State Wide Snowmobile Club Fee Structure of $35.00 per membership. I can not tell you how many times I have seen these kind of Statements on various Club Websites. B: Then there was this one, YOU CAN NOT (or REFRAIN FROM) use the Time Horned, Traditional AGENT/CLUB Membership Process. Thankfully that has been debunked. Because of the lack of an NHSA Membership Card Serial Number, Fish & Game has gone back, for this Season, to using the old standby of the NHSA Club 000999 as your Registration ID Number when joining a Club through a REGISTRATION AGENT. 1: Dues NHSA, The $35.00 + $2.00 Dues and Processing FEE is intend only for Clubs that Sign the LETTER of UNDERSTANDING to participate in the online side Membership starting on January 1st. The Clubs have been using what is referred as the CLUB PORTAL since July. This is where the Clubs put in the Membership Data in to the NHSA DATA BASE and process the Vouchers. This process will continue with or without the Online Membership side or till something better comes along. Club Dues, Clubs have the RIGHT to maintain what ever Dues Structure they want when the Membership Process is done through Club Mailed Out Applications, Club Online Memberships/Pay Pal and Agent/Club Applications. Again it is only when you agree to participate in the ONLINE MEMBERSHIP Website that you have to agree to the “MANDITORY” $35.00 + $2.00 Feee Structure and a few other things on the NHSA WEBSITE ONLY not the Clubs, right all you Club Treasurers! You, Club Members, may want to read the Letter of Understanding Am I the only paranoid one out here? Not responsible for Spellin errors or Punkuation. These comments are those of the righter, Me.
  10. Went there Fri. evening, weather wasn't the greatest but we didn't care. Heard discussion amongst some vendors about closing up early (a few that we attempted to visit actually did). Called NHSA this am asking what was up in regards to early closings. She said they (vendors) had permission to close up early (supposedly some storm with wind that concerned them in referance to the tents). Had not heard that but that's beside my point. I asked if that was done why were we charged full price with them knowing it was a possibility, or at least why we were not told ahead when we purchased our pass to at least get a heads up ? Never received a real answer but they took my info in case a committee member wanted to call me back. Hope someone does.
  11. There have been several questions asked as to HOW the NHSA Online Membership Process will work. We have been told that the NHSA System is being modeled after the NY State Snowmobile Association site. I have put together a Power Point presentation that walks you through form logging on to the site to Joining a Club. I would this it should follow the NY site CLOSELY. NY Snowmobile Association Online Membership Process. hAD TO CHANGE FILE TYPE TO PPT IT WORKED NY YORK STATE SNOWMOBILE ASSOCIATION WEBSITE New York State Snowmobile Association Online Membership Website.ppt
  12. Where's all of the hype about this weekends grass drags? I just checked the NHSA Facebook page, nothing there.Their last post was on 9/30 about the OHRV Coalition to Return Northern Pass Money. No posts about it here on SledNH. I also checked HCS and there was a thread there started by a vendor in MN. It just seems like there just isn't the hype that there used to be.
  13. I just enlightened myself as a NHSA director regarding the joint effort involved in the new registration process and how it will work together with the new NHSA ONLINE MEMBERSHIP PROCESS. I will first consider myself an "information "junkie" but this one had slipped by me and as a director I am ASHAMED IT DID! NH F&G OHRV was last "audited" in 2012 I now have in my possession a complete copy of the audit. there are pages of recommendations in the audit,,,, the most scary part of this audit was that it COST EACH OF US A OHRV/SNOWMOBILE users,,, a GRAND TOTAL of $70,000 for the audit! The bill was paid via the OHRV /snowmobile registration pool , yes we all paid for it directly thru our registrations! If I was to reach out to EVERY OHRV (SNOWMOBILE) user in the State with ONE recommendation it would be to consider "embracing" the new processes as laid out by the NHSA and NH F&G ASAP in an effort to do our part in getting the NH&FG registration process a cleaner/more audit friendly process,,, the end result is to get a system in place that costs far less at audit time, and is more audit friendly , leaving less for the auditors to "comment on" hopefully costing FAR less next time the NH F&G is audited! The request of the of NH F&G is to have EACH NHSA member who is using his membership to attain a registration discount as a club member have an assigned/individual/NHSA membership number.(not a club id number any longer) Furthermore due to the fact that the new system is not opening to the "general membership" until Jan 1st,,, Captain Wimsatt has said "any proof of membership" at your agent will work THIS SNOWMOBILE SEASON, He has asked that people make every effort to do their part and use the new system as much as possible,, The new administrative rules will be announced for NEXT season at a later date.
  14. I read this opinion piece in a My Turn column in the 9/19 edition of the Concord Monitor. Its title is "Snowmobile Association Tactics Shameful". It was written by a guy from Warner. My experience has been that the clubs I join are 100% NHSA members, but I guess there are clubs where this isn't true. From the Concord Monitor today: With winter approaching, those of us who ride snowmobiles should be made aware of changes being made to the requirements that determine how much we pay to register our machines. New Hampshire law (RSA 215-C:39) sets out the requirements and fees for snowmobile registration. That law says, in part, that you can receive a $30 discount on your snowmobile registration if you are an individual “who provides proof, at the time of registration, that the individual is a member of an organized New Hampshire nonprofit snowmobile club which is a member of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association.” Note that the law does not require that the individual must be a member of the NHSA, only that he or she belongs to an organized snowmobile club that belongs to the NHSA. The purpose of offering a discount in this manner was to encourage membership in local snowmobile clubs and the law has done well to accomplish that. Now, however, the greed of the NHSA has reared its ugly head and it is unilaterally changing the rules set by statute that determine who receives the discount. In order for a snowmobile club to belong to the NHSA, it must now sign an agreement stating that 100 percent of its members will also be individual members of the NHSA, at a rate of $10 per person. The agreement that the clubs are being forced to sign also states that, “Only NHSA member clubs in good standing will be allowed to issue vouchers” (for the registration fee discount). How can a private organization change the rules that govern who gets charged which fee for a state vehicle registration? The NHSA has bypassed the legislative process, the administrative rules process and any semblance of state oversight in order to force individuals to join the organization. I have been an NHSA member, and a member of a local snowmobile club, for as long as I can remember. My local snowmobile club has voluntarily opted to have 100 percent NHSA membership among its ranks. The NHSA has done a world of good for the sport and most snowmobilers know that and gladly join the organization of their own accord. Why does the NHSA now see the need to abandon a policy of voluntary membership and force individuals to join or pay a financial penalty? There is nothing in the language or spirit of RSA 215-C that gives the NHSA control over the discount vouchers for snowmobile registrations. Telling individual citizens they must pay the NHSA $10 in order to get a voucher is, plainly and simply, extortion.
  15. I am polling the site to see how people feel about the newly enforced membership changes. I think we all agree that the new database and online membership program are a great idea, but there are serious issues for many clubs due to the restrictions of NHSA. Please participate honestly in the poll and add what county you are a member of . Thank you, Brian P. 1.) Are you in favor of the NHSA mandatory $35 club membership dues ? 2.) Do you agree that any club that does not change there dues to $35 should be frozen out of the NHSA online membership program ? 3.) Do you agree that your birthdate should be a mandatory field for NHSA membership ?

    Has anyone heard what is happening with the launch of the NHSA Online Membership Program? I have looked at all of the Websites of the Clubs in both Carroll and Belknap Counties and have found only one mention of the Program that being the in the April\May news Letter of the Scrub Oaks Scramblers. At that time the Membership Chairperson is announcing that Membership Application will be mailed out as usual. "Membership packets will be sent out on June 1, 2015 for the 2016 season. NHSA membership cards will be sent to the membership when they are received by the club." It is my understanding that with the NHSA online Memberships NHSA "CARDS" will no longer issued. Has anyone heard more on this subject?
  17. Roger Wright will be hosting this Final presentation on the proposed Online Membership. I got into this a little late and do not have the complete picture of what is being proposed and I have not heard that much here on SLedNH. As part of the Membership Team, my wife Cheryl and myself we have some questions and concerns as to how this will work and what benefit it will have to our Club, Moultonboro SMC. Already I have hear the database format limits to the number of fields for additional money items. We have Dues, Trail donation, Maps, and Decals. I am not sure if there will be a spot for Maps and Decals? Will NHSA still be giving Clubs MEMBERSHIP CARDS? I heard they will not be issuing them under the online Membership? If you join I'm guessing You will to print a copy of the transaction and use that to Register your Sleds? I think we may all have been issuing them in place of a "Club" Membership. If this is the case should Clubs issue a Club Membership Card to keep a bond with the Members. I thought I also hard the a Club could OPT out if they did not want to participate? I would like to here for others who are involved with Club Memberships. On Line Registration is one thing but taking over a Clubs Financing Process??? Thanks, George Higgins To all NHSA Clubs: NHSA will be holding one more Online Membership Presentation on May 16th. If your club has not already participated in an Online Membership Presentation at a County Meeting, I encourage your Club officers and/or individuals that maintain club memberships to attend this meeting. It is very important that all clubs understand what the Online Membership is and how it would work, be able to ask questions and provide feedback on how it may work better. After visiting all 10 counties, most participating clubs are in support of the Online Membership Program and changes will be forthcoming soon. Again, please note that this presentation has been used to evaluate if clubs want to see the Online Membership made available, provide and gather information. This is not a training seminar for the final Online Membership. Training seminars for the final product will be announced at a later date. If you are planning to attend, please RSVP by calling the NHSA office at 603-273-0220 by 4pm on May 14th. The meeting will be held at the NHSA Office, 614 Laconia Road, Tilton NH -- Saturday, May 16th- The meeting will begin at 10am. Sincerely, Roger Wright President NHSA
  18. NHSA annual meeting????

    anyone here going????? its next saturday! April 25th
  19. I was just reading on Facebook about club memberships being offered online next year through NHSA. The post said all clubs will be the same price. From what I've heard NHSA is pushing for all clubs to set their membership fee at $25. I haven't been involved with my club since I moved to VT last year. But if I was still on the board I couldn't vote to drop our dues from $30 to $25. Since $10 already goes to the NHSA that would mean the club is loosing 25% of it's income. How are some clubs going to be able to handle this much of a drop in income when they are already struggling to make ends meet? In my opinion the entire funding issue in NH needs to be changed in order for the sport to continue at the level that we have come to expect.
  20. Busy season?

    How busy has it been on your favorite trails this winter? It's been very quite here in Island Pond, VT this winter. Island Pond is the Vermont equivalent to Pittsburg, NH. I have also spoken to friends in the Ossipee area and was told that it's very quiet there considering the fantastic trail conditions.
  21. Trailmaster meeting 2008

    Well I was all excited to go. It seems that the Trail Patrol session is still listed on the forms sent but I did confirm with NHSA that it is indeed not offered this year. The signing session was another I was interested but maybe in 2009 I will get another opportunity. Hope to see some of you then. A question on the Groomer Awareness Class for those who have gone. Assuming your club will have an opening what is taught in this class. Do you need to have some experience or is it for people who may have zero clock time?