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Found 2 results

  1. Went there Fri. evening, weather wasn't the greatest but we didn't care. Heard discussion amongst some vendors about closing up early (a few that we attempted to visit actually did). Called NHSA this am asking what was up in regards to early closings. She said they (vendors) had permission to close up early (supposedly some storm with wind that concerned them in referance to the tents). Had not heard that but that's beside my point. I asked if that was done why were we charged full price with them knowing it was a possibility, or at least why we were not told ahead when we purchased our pass to at least get a heads up ? Never received a real answer but they took my info in case a committee member wanted to call me back. Hope someone does.
  2. Where's all of the hype about this weekends grass drags? I just checked the NHSA Facebook page, nothing there.Their last post was on 9/30 about the OHRV Coalition to Return Northern Pass Money. No posts about it here on SledNH. I also checked HCS and there was a thread there started by a vendor in MN. It just seems like there just isn't the hype that there used to be.