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  1. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    On Monday at 6pm wch6(Maine channel) Bill Green will be doing a special on off trail snowmobiling in Maine. It’s here....
  2. We have a bridge!

    Nice work! Are there any plans to re-open the trail from Lovell lake as well?
  3. Ski Doo MXZ 600 Ace

    Ain't never selling mine...no way....no how! Its a ultra rare 2012 600 A.C.E. MXZ TnT. The TnT's were clutched differently than the sport models, all the low end torque you'll ever need for the twistys here in NH. Never seen one like it for sale. Going on 6 years now, still runs like new, no issues whatsoever, and still gets 30 mpg to boot! Fun little thread on DooTalk about the A.C.E. secondary market. https://www.dootalk.com/forums/topic/1515953-used-600-ace-market/
  4. Great riding today, but...

    I'm from wakefield as well and sadly the first thing I do is head most directly to any other clubs trails as quickly as possible. Been like this for a few years now and it's just been getting worse. The northern trails are usually quite nice, its the southern part thats really suffered in my opinion. They even managed to lose my membership check this year which turned out to be the straw that broke the camels back so to say. I went ahead and joined a different club more deserving this year. By the way the Milton crew always does an outstanding job, many thumbs up! Even the wolfeborro trails have become much nicer over the last few years, trail 200 has become one of my local favorites.
  5. Trail Closures?

    Walk up over the railroad tracks and to the other side. There are plenty of people that cross the tracks illegally there, so there should be a good packed trail to walk on.
  6. Trail Closures?

    The approach from the west side of the tunnel and the slight drop that leads in makes it an adventure, or to to some…..a real nightmare if you don't like closed in spaces. I go thru it laying on my belly on the seat superman style. Once you start in theres no going back…..
  7. Trail Closures?

    The newer XP's fit just fine, went thru the tunnel of death many times last year.
  8. Name that spot!

    Sounds about right, its not a plowed road or anything. Its on their trail map if you have one, maybe a 1 mile each way from 26 to the top.
  9. Name that spot!

    Ok, looks like no one is going to get this so its time to spill the beans. Its Mount Pleasant off 26 in Wolfeborro. Its fully groomed and an easy climb for a great view, plus traill 200(which is right next to 26) is one of the best powerline rips we have in this area. Check it out sometime!
  10. Name that spot!

    Nope, Nope, and Nope. KenPaul is still the warmest, the second picture posted is looking directly at Bald Knob. Off to bed for me, someone please end this madness before I wake up later this afternoon!
  11. Name that spot!

    Even closer, less than 5 miles.
  12. Name that spot!

    So close!
  13. Name that spot!

    Nope, 30 miles the wrong way. Looking northward, those lumps look familiar anyone?
  14. Name that spot!

    Kinda close, wrong lake, about 30 miles off.