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  1. So here is an update.... I was able to speak to the president of the canadian club that maintains the trail.....through VERY broken english is think what he told me is that there was an issue with a landowner....he believes that the issue was resolved and grooming should begin soon..... thanks to all that replied... let me know if any of you get up that way ride safe....and warm this week Scott
  2. I tried to go from pittsburg to chartiersville today. the customs officer on the Canadian side told me that the trails were closed this year between pittsburg and chartiersville. this is the first that I have heard of this>>>>anyone have any info??? also if the trail is closed can I just trailer into chartiersville??? and if so where would you park and start off from????? any help would be great Thanks scott
  3. my wife has me on a short lease this weekend............(long story) do not have the time to go to colebrook or pitts..... thinking about twin mountain. any thoughts??? i am hearing mixed reviews! any help would be appriciated