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  1. December 2017 winter outlook ?

    When you say north of Rangley, do you mean Canada??? Maine has no snow.
  2. Riding march 18th

    You be better off at Berlin or Twin. Tamworth has no base under the snow, very soft so it wasnt able to set up when groomed. Rails showing on rail bed already. I would trailer to Rt 2 in Gorham and Ride north from there.
  3. Great riding today, but...

    Seven Lakes has been horrible. No up dates... Powder Mill posted exactly what they were doing this weekend, showed everyone what their plans were for grooming all weekend. Wish all clubs were like that. Seven Lakes never once even posted about C22 closing. People pay money to be apart of the club, the least you can do is it let them know whats going on.
  4. How much snow fell where you live

    5" in Wakefield. Been snowing all afternoon too... Light flurries just arent ending.
  5. Scott Moore, Wolfeboro NH, 630-0907. He does good work at a good price.
  6. GPS

    I have a 2015 M8000, and would like to get a GPS for it. Nothing crazy expensive. We mostly ride Pittsburg, SDR area and Monts Valin QC.
  7. Early start in The Burg !

    Check the Ridgerunners snow phone if you arent on Facebook.
  8. Where ya gonna ride?

    Pittsburg/ Millsfield areas as always, trip booked to Mont-Valin Quebec and working on a trip to "The Sled Den".
  9. Trailer info

    I have a used 14' v-nose for sale if you are interested. I fit two 162" in it. Should fit three standard sleds. You can email me at or text me at 603-973-6076
  10. Things that NHSA could do

    Clubs should be required to update their websites w/ trail conditions once a week. If they dont post an update that week then any grooming they put in for that week wont be reimbursed. Not sure thats a NHSA issue though.
  11. Boundry pond?

    Its safe, just dont go too close to the damn.... I was crossing 1st conn about a month ago.
  12. I wouldnt worry too much about C19 going north to Conway from Big Moose RV. rail service going that far is a long way out.... But the section of C22 will be closed sooner then later and that needs to be taken care of now.
  13. My understanding is the club has known about the rail road using that section of tracks for about two years now. They didnt know when it was going to happen just that it would eventually. I wouldnt wait any longer, find a reroute now, before its closed with no way around.... The northcoast was planning on using the tracks for train car storage and rumor is they are working on bringing propane to Ossipee via rail car, with the ending destination being near big apple. If that ever happen the tracks will be live and that trails gone....
  14. Trail Closures?

    Thanks for all the hard work! This is a major trail for the state.
  15. Trail Closures?

    Or even trail reroutes/ any changes