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  1. Check your registration stickers

    Put them on our sleds a few weeks ago with hair dryer. Sat in trailer for 2 weeks, did not even ride yet and they were falling off. Put a piece of clear packing tape on each side of the silly things so they don't come off this weekend..
  2. LIL snow in the back yard at 45th Parallel Cabins up there next month and can't wait...
  3. Jefferson Notch Road ?

    We did this run on Saturday....Great Trail and easy to ride as well. We came down 5 from Jefferson to 12 to the Notch Road and followed it to Fabyans. She liked it so much we did it on the way back too.
  4. Jefferson Notch Road ?

    Thanks for info I appreciate it.
  5. Thinking about making a run this weekend from Jefferson to Fabyans...was told to take Jefferson Notch Road instead of heading down 11. Only problem I have is my wife is not a big fan of real steep inclines or declines. Can someone tell me what the Jefferson Notch Road is like? or is Corridor 11 south from 12 the same as Jefferson Notch Road? Now looking at the Map I am confused? Thanks
  6. That makes sense. Think I will do that this weekend. Thanks for the replies everyone.
  7. What do you do with your sled during the Spring, Summer Fall. This year I followed the owners manual,fogged the motor, stabilizer in fuel etc and just let my sleds sit from late March until this past weekend. My wife's has electric start so it cranked a bit, but finally went. I had to pull mine about 10 times before it would catch and then I fouled the plugs, I assume because I pulled it too many times. Changed those out and good to go now. I know some people start their sleds every few months during the off season. What is the best approach...?
  8. Anyone know if the Snow Hounds and Sno Raiders will groom from this new snow? I like the Dragway Trail and out to Newfields etc for a nice afternoon ride....(about time to join those clubs I think) Thanks
  9. Anyone ride the Twin Mountain area last weekend...wondering if it is worth the trip Friday for an overnight and 2 days of riding. The Twin Mtn Club has marginal to good riding on their site.... Thanks
  10. Ossipee Trails and Trailer Parking-Weekend 2/6?

    Thanks for the info.
  11. Staying up in Wolfeboro for the weekend and since there is no riding around Winni was thinking of trailering up to Ossipee. The Ossipee Valley Club says there is some riding, but you should trailer to higher elevations? Can someone tell me where that might be or where I can park? Thanks
  12. Passing Etiquette on Trails

    OK...Thanks everyone I figured my looking for a safe area to pull over and allow faster groups to pass was the best approach. I hate getting passed by everyone and not being able to use my new 800 HO, but the big smile on my wife's face while she rides makes it worth it
  13. What is the proper passing etiquette on trails? My wife loves to ride, but she is no speed demon...she is very comfortable on most trails in the 25-30mph range so quite often we have groups come up on us and I know we are holding them up. So we signal right, pull over to the side(when the trail is wide enough) and I waive them by. Is that the best thing to do? or are we supposed to go at our own speed and if they want to pass they can go around us? Thanks
  14. 15 from Windham/Derry to Epping any Gas

    We wont try it until mid to late week. We just got back from riding Jefferson, Randolph and Gorham all weekend....real nice trails up that way. Thanks
  15. 15 from Windham/Derry to Epping any Gas

    Thanks for the info guys....I will just make sure we fill up before we head out.... That run to Epping must only take an hour or so anyway???