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  1. Beginning of a new era for me....

    Congrats Steve, well deserved.... I look forward to our rides and no open hoods.
  2. Admins

    They (spammers) are at it again today...
  3. Delete account

    Click on your Account picture in the top right corner, Account Settings. On the right is Notification Settings.... You can turn on/off being notify when new posts come in.
  4. Registered two sleds back in August.... I like to average out the cost over a longer duration... Yes, I have ridden both sleds on the trail system...
  5. Quarrentine Check in

    I like your signs... You office looks comfortable... Plenty of light....... and windows for distraction.
  6. Make the best with what we have!!!!

    Awesome to see... great turn out
  7. Bitter sweet to the snow. Still have lots of trail work to do. Ground is far from frozen, we need more colder days before real snow.
  8. Any sleds not ridden in Pittsburg
  9. Question about club membership

    WHO IS THIS? Who hacked Jay's account?
  10. Snoworx - what happened

    It's 'was' on the south bound side on Rt 1 (top of the hill).. (Yes, its Peabody, but close to the Danvers line).
  11. No, you can not ride there... They changed the location.
  12. Hello, again

    That's awesome news.
  13. Snoworx - what happened

    The last post from them on FB was November 2018.
  14. Snoworx - what happened

    I drive by there once a week. I don't always pay attention. I did notice that the sign was gone, but that was it.
  15. 2019-2020 snow season

    I am so ready for cold temperatures, which is starting to happen. Looking forward to do some trail work. Our first club meeting is coming up shortly. Both sleds are generally ready. Thinking about new carbides on both.
  16. 2019-2020 snow season

    anything exciting snorander?
  17. Spammers

    Roger that
  18. Slowly collecting parts

    All looking good Steve. Can't wait to ride.
  19. F&G CO's help stuck snowmobilers in Colebrook

    a sledder is a sledder. leave no sled behind.
  20. Old map

    Love the old maps. treasures..
  21. Anyone using a vintage plate?

    This opens up the door for your photo to be taken when the hood is up.
  22. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    My new goal is 1250 miles
  23. Great Riding in the CNHSC trails

    But the question is... Did you park in front of us again? I totally agree with Rene here. The trails in this area are fantastic. We were on trail by 7:30. Rode till 11 on freshly groomed, untouched trails. Passed 2 people. Then everyone else showed up and it turned in to a usual Saturday.