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  1. 3 hours ago, jhwentworth said:

    Without getting a mud-slinging contest started, could someone update me on the current status of club memberships and the NHSA? Do clubs offer memberships that do not include NHSA membership? I understand that secondary club memberships don't require a payment to NHSA, but is it required on the primary club membership? I'm speaking here about joining a club outside of the NHSA Membership System (the NHSA web site).

    What are the current rules?

    WHO IS THIS?  Who hacked Jay's account?

  2. 21 hours ago, detchells said:

    ....... The extra time is due to the increase of other paperwork and office duties that I need to do. .......

    It just keeps repeating in my head "45 days"... "45 days".   You got to be kidding me.  There is something wrong with your process Dennis.

    I attend most of my club meetings and I don't recall the announcement of this change.   Thanks for sharing this.

    So, I'm not here to bitch.  I'm here to make a difference.  

    What can we (as clubs) do to help you make it more efficient to get this job done?

    Is it information gathering needed?   phone numbers?  emails addresses?  

    This isn't done by paper is it? snail mail?

    What about an online form that clubs fill out?