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  1. GoPro has competition coming

    I just picked up the Hero 4 Black. I look forward to use some of the high frame rates in some trailers.
  2. GoPro has competition coming

    I would be one of the Posters... I look forward to the competition.
  3. snowmobile club websites

    meal55555, what's wrong with your club's website? I like the colors.
  4. snowmobile club websites

    it's not just you.. I agree it's fustrating. One tries to plan out a day trip ride across multiple clubs and finds no (big picture) view of trails leading in and out. YES, I know about the NHSA Corridor Map (PDF, Paper, and web Interactive). But you and I know, it doesn't contain secondary trails.
  5. seeking YOUR input,,,,, important,,,

    The 'Good' clubs need to approach the landowner and explain how they would do it. And that they (the clubs) are interested in making the Landower happy. Then the 'Good' clubs need to have that 'snorander' talking with the bad club. Put it nicely that their grooming funding has been cut, due to landowner mismanagement.
  6. Snow totals

    5" to 6" in Bristol
  7. tried to link some video CANT MAKE IT HAPPEN

    I don't appear to be in any of these videos.
  8. Cold temps on the way!!

    wicked nice sled
  9. Cold temps on the way!!

    share some pictures Mike...
  10. Cold temps on the way!!

    Without the snow covering the ground, these cold temps should freeze up our water bars.
  11. Wasting our time?

    I agree with smallengineguy. Start a hot topic, and I'm sure their will be responses.
  12. 2005 Firecat 600 Sno Pro

    Looks like you'll have to get yourself a new email address, if the sled goes..
  13. Does anyone know any Fish&Game officers ? I'm looking for conformation that they are putting reflective stickers/plates on our trail signs ? It's been happening for a few years now, but you know, the slow eventually catch up. This year, they switch from aluminum plates to sticky strips. -Nox
  14. Someone's touching my ...Signs

    No, I don't care. Just curious.
  15. I'm going to get Bruce (Catreserve) out on a kneeboard this summer on Newfound Lake. We'll share our laughter with all. -nox
  16. Share your maps if you have them. If I ride anymore this season, I don't think I will be going on any new trails. So this is my final map for the year. The view is looking south. All rides left from my driveway. I didn't actually cover that much area when I look at it. Next year, I need to spread my wings.
  17. My rides for 2013-2014 snow season

    Awesome news… (glad I was there for some of them)
  18. Hello all, I'm looking for help with some paperwork for the Grant-in-Aid program. Specifically I'm looking for help to ensure our Groomer refurbishment paperwork gets accepted. I would be interested in looking at your submitted paperwork. PM if you feel uncomfortable sharing. Thanks, Nigel
  19. Thanks Bruce. Sorry, we don't.
  20. Stinson Mountain video...(Hey Nox I got it!)

    catreserve has a GoPro mounted to the side of his helmet. Either side;
  21. My rides for 2013-2014 snow season

    ColdBrew, I'll plan on leaving my trailer out next year (meaning have access to it). You just signed up to be the Guide for the ride. I did ride south as far as the Concord prison one year. Snorander, does the prison have a cafe' ?
  22. My rides for 2013-2014 snow season

    Canon Mt, get me there.