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  1. * Official 2016 SLEDNH ride thread*

    Sorry to hear about your knee.
  2. * Official 2016 SLEDNH ride thread*

    Kawikdogg7, at the top of this page on the right side is a button "Follow this topic". You will get emails on posts/updates.
  3. * Official 2016 SLEDNH ride thread*

    Sorry, I was thinking Warner, but wrote Warren.
  4. * Official 2016 SLEDNH ride thread*

    On Snorander's map, At Dorchester/Canaan, we would drop due south to Sunapee, then head SouthEast towards Warren.
  5. * Official 2016 SLEDNH ride thread*

    Skully, I know of the Trio Ponds Trail to Warren, but I have not been on it. So I can't say what addition mileage it would add. It would work for us, as it curves in the right direction.
  6. * Official 2016 SLEDNH ride thread*

    Clearly we can take side trails.. Bruce can bring us up Stinson Mtn. we can take them up Kearsarge Mtn. It's endless. We can go to the right, over to the Weirs.
  7. * Official 2016 SLEDNH ride thread*

    I'm in, Mid-February, Newfound Lake area... 88 mile loop with many gas/food stops (available).
  8. OT .... Re roofing a house

    Do it yourself ! Under $1,000 in material. The pitch of the roof looks easy to deal with.
  9. I have Comcast with Basic TV and Home Internet. The bill is $79 a month. I called to drop the Basic TV, which would bring the bill down to $55. Then they said, if I don't have Basic TV, then the internet charge is $77 a month.
  10. Elk encounter...and NO it is not me.

    cool, very nice to see.
  11. Catreserve, next time, any time.
  12. The trails were awesome.
  13. 103 Miles da solo

    If you are looking for more details on this section, let me know. The river crossing 'a ways north of the dam' is hard to find, if your buzzing along the trail.

    The NHSA has been notified of the situation. Thanks for the info.
  15. Corridor 9 to Corridor 11

    Primary Trail 301-> Primary Trail 300-> Franklin
  16. Saturdays ride with CATRESERVE

    Meet you at Stinson Mountain on Saturday Shiffy ?
  17. Littleton area is killing it !

    Happy for you Shiffy
  18. Saturdays ride with CATRESERVE

    Glad you had a good ride. Was your trail blazed in the woods to the trail system?
  19. GoPro has competition coming

    Deal of the Day
  20. GoPro has competition coming

    Airtime006, no worries... if you want to show me and this crowd the differences, I'm sure we will all learn something. I just wish you spoke up sooner, like before Christmas. That way I could have taken a closer look at the Sony line. And like jhwentworth just said... Pre-sold audience, I already have two older GoPro's, so I bought another one. My take is, all the Photo data gets thrown-away anyways, by the time I've uploaded it to a server. The true quality is gone. I don't watch my video's on a big 55" 4K screen. More like a 1920x1200 res. Which sucks.
  21. GoPro has competition coming

    I full disagree with the above statements by Airtime006, IMHO. When I look at the specs for both cameras. I wouldn't touch a Sony Action Cam.
  22. GoPro has competition coming

    I just picked up the Hero 4 Black. I look forward to use some of the high frame rates in some trailers.