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  1. mid Feb

    Bristol NH I would say, 1"-3" in the deep woods. 4"-5" in the open fields.
  2. mid Feb

    Pemi trails are shot, as of today.
  3. This sucks

    Guess I should have posted the weather map. I was at least hoping I could ride South after this storm, but doesn't sound it.
  4. This sucks

    Ten of Four in the afternoon. Stopped Snowing Bristol, NH. about 1" Looking on the weather map, Bristol is right on the edge of the storm (now). Depending on which way it travels, or :sad:
  5. As of Wednesday - January 27, 2010 Alexandria, Rte 11 - CLOSED - North & South is closed to Andover, due to high water in the field Dot Gordon's. Hill Village Trail - CLOSED - Closed by Flood Control
  6. Bridgewater Mountain Snowmobile CLub

    excellent news... I agree, updates to trail conditions are faster this way.
  7. Pemigewassett Valley after rain

    light snow today, not enough to get excited about.
  8. Trailer to Hebron, Headed North up Corr 11. West/North on Corr 8. Then Corr 5 South. I heard Dorchester was a great place to ride. So I went. It was awesome. What seemed like 30' wide trails, nicely groomed, slowly winding from side to side. Riding down the side of the mountain for 10 miles straight.
  9. Newfound Lake area

    The groomer went out yesterday
  10. Newfound Lake area

    I 'heard' it was going to snow till tomorrow... started this AM. when I look on the weather radar, it shows nothing over my area.
  11. Newfound Lake area

    Just after Sunday's snow.
  12. Newfound Lake area

    So, where did you go? how was it?
  13. Newfound Lake area

    getting worse with this warm weather.
  14. Newfound Lake area

    You obvious know that area well. Just further north, if you take the 'Lake trail', across the street from Shop & Save. There is an ice hill. It's taking some sleds a few times to get up it, some others are turning back. Somehow I made it up and down with no problems today. -nigel
  15. Newfound Lake area

    Sorry snorander, the furthest North I went today was Wellington State park. Turn around there and then went back south to the Franklin Dam. The 6 mile run from Profile Falls south to Franklin was awesome. The conditions are not optimal in the woods, many sections pure pine needles. -nox
  16. Newfound Lake area

    Personally haven't been on their trails since they groomed. If I go between now and Saturday, I'll report back. -nox
  17. Newfound Lake area

    The Pemi Valley SC trails were groomed on 1/4 - 1/5. Some deep wooded areas still have some pine needles showing. But in general, good conditions. -nox