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  1. 2006 Polaris FST Classic

    I'm working on some issues with it.. . since we got some early snow.. which is giving me the ability to shake it out. oil in the air box. no power after a minute of riding. I need to get a booster leak test tool. currently tearing down the gas tank, thinking a clogged pump and or disconnected hose.
  2. An early

    Eat, bloat and enjoy to you all.
  3. I picked up this used 2006 Polaris FST Classic, 1,900 miles. 750cc 4-Stroke Turbo. Does or did anyone else have one?
  4. 1 sled down, 2 to go

    I have too many video's of rides, that I am behind you. I will not comment on how loose your back end is. I try and keep a distance. -nox
  5. Titles

    In the past, same, did not need it.
  6. New rider

    That's awesome.. and it sounds like you are more excited.
  7. 600 ETEC Mileage Recommendations
  8. 600 ETEC Mileage Recommendations

    Skip, Have you looked at it's new big brother, the 850 E-TEC? Although, the more I read about the new 600-ETEC, that is incredible engine too. -Nigel
  9. Post your favorite pics from '17-'18 season

    Coldbrew, Snorander, Noxorc
  10. Things are quiet here

    putting the finishing touches on the sled maintenance for the summer. Working on redecking the sled trailer with P.T.
  11. congrats

    Congrats George ! ! ! !
  12. I'm good at taking things apart... We'll see how well I do at putting it back together. suspension is out... Now working on getting the track out.
  13. 2007 Polaris IQ HO CFI Touring. about 8,000 miles Inspect Chain case / change oil Inspect suspension / inspect shocks Inspect steering, small amount of play. Inspect cooling system New Idle wheels New track New hyfax New skis
  14. Skip has lost his mate!

    I haven't stop thinking about you Skip since I heard this. My heart goes out to you.
  15. that just sucks.