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  1. Kind of slow here...I guess we need to post some pictures for all to enjoy. I like to cook on the trail so posted some of the grandboys and a few friends and wife cooking over the last few days. Also a few recent "Random" photos. Good snow out there....get out and enjoy!
  2. Awesome ride today!

    As always a great ride with the "crew"...I get tied up on weekends sometimes with other riders, but love the pictures and routes. I need to do that route!
  3. Awesome ride today!

    Glad you had a great ride...that is why I love it over here!
  4. There is some great snow and snowmobiling to be had here in central NH. I have a cabin located just 1 hour North of Concord, NH in Dorchester, NH. It is 8-10 minutes up the hill from the Baker River Clubhouse. It is a great base location because you can ride in all directions and find some great snow and conditions. Tenny Mountain Ski area is also just down the road. The riding has been good and we continue to get snow especially up in the elevation. Winter conditions are here but will not be check us out on facebook: NH Accommodations and Central NH Cabin rental as well as Homeaway Good place to bring the family, friends and anyone else! Let me know.
  5. Just an informational post that there is NO SNOWMOBILE PARKING at Plain Jane's on Rt 25 in Rumney, NH. Main reason i am told is that snowmobilers use the area to park at the owners expense but do not support the restaurant as well as leave trash behind. I am not posting this to start a bashing session or to find blame with any one group...JUST A FYI POST. The restaurant is not open so maybe this situation may change in the future. To be honest can you really blame them and the local club....Rumney Snowdrifters created a new access trail from the restaurant to the trail after a bridge was washed out last year. WE NEED to SUPPORT THE BUSINESSES THAT SUPPORT US!
  6. Make the best with what we have!!!!

    I guess looks can be deceiving, it was a heavy pot and we sure did not want to drop it. No matter what it sure tasted great! After a nice day of riding and most individuals had loaded up and headed home...two of us headed on sled to the Common Cafe in Rumney.
  7. Hooked up for a club ride...Fort Mountain Trailwnders...We headed out from Rumney and worked our way into the hills to find a great place for a TRAIL SIDE lunch. There were 14 of us dedicated club members seeking redemption on the negative snow gods and naysayers in the sport. So off we went and found variable conditions on our pursuit to snowmobiler happiness. I found a nice spot out of the wind around 11 am. First the coffee then the SAUSAGE, PEPPERS & ONIONS cooked and served on fresh if that doesn't sound good there is something wrong with you. With some time for good fellowship and our bellies we went to finish the day. A good time had by all! Come to find out that your NHSA Treasurer not only is a bean counter for our association but he also can cook beans (in this case sausage and peppers). Way to go Steve! Trail Siding cooking...get out and do it! Everything tastes better cooked in the great outdoors. Ride often and ride safe...I'll see you on the trail.
  8. 5.2 Acres and small "camp" on P152 in Campton

    I know the spot well. Nice area but will need to probably be a cash sale since no septic or well. Traditional bank mortgage will want that...some also want heat (other than wood) and electric. So put your home equity loan to work!
  9. Starting to look a bit like winter finally...

    Got out today with a few friends before the warmer weather and liquid snow (not rain). Hope people stay off the trails in this little "hiccup" in weather this weekend.
  10. Good article...and a good informative read. Hope lots of people get a chance to read it.
  11. Starting to look a bit like winter finally...

    Snowed all day yesterday (Monday) and into the night...guess we are going to get winter 2-4" at a time. 2-4" every couple of days add up!
  12. Starting to look a bit like winter finally...

    Things are setting up a bit now with the cold (in the teens finally) and light snow this morning with in and out snow thru the week. The end of the week does not look good...hope that changes. We need to hook up this winter.
  13. This up and down weather is stressing us all out to no end. Finally got to get out for a quick toot with my wife today. Rain to snow yesterday and then snow over night into today. Headed out after noon with variable conditions in the lower elevations but better and fresh snow higher up. More bits of snow this week and a warm up at the end of the week...go figure. Make the best of what we get! It's coming....just have to wait a little longer. Need to keep the "glass 1/2 full" mentality!
  14. Trail re-route in Rumney

    Yes it is
  15. Trail re-route in Rumney

    If you want to get to and from Plain Jane's Restaurant on RT25 in Rumney, you will be using a new trail off the Railroad Bed next to Riverbrook Campground. DO NOT TRY TO ACCESS it from the old crossing of RT25 by the greenhouses and along Rt25. The Bridge was washed out and is not being replaced at this time. Access off of of Corridor 8. From points west...cross Rt25 and head over to the railroad bed and follow the signs near the big bridge over the Baker River to Plain Jane's. From the east off the rail bed...follow the signs off the rail bed. PLEASE STAY ON THE MARKED TRAIL.