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  1. There is no "freewheel" bypass on this machine. We are hoping for the best...should know soon.
  2. Drive motor we think.
  3. Formatic. Similar to a Piston Bully sort of.
  4. Can't seem to upload the video
  5. When a groomer breaks down in the woods it is BAD...real BAD. Despite the loss of the ability to make nice trails for a spell...the actual work it takes to either fix it on the trail in the middle of the woods in cold weather and many times in the dark, limited access for tools, supplies and manpower you got to get it done no matter what (and the groomer operator needs to walk out or get a ride out). So if you can't fix it trail side or limp it need to get it out. That is no small task especially for a large machine. Our machine is smaller but none-the-less still quite a bit of work to get it out. We ended up finding a 8 foot truck bed liner and cutting it in 1/2 length wise. We put one 1/2 under one side track and the other 1/2 under the other side and secured it with a ratchet strap. We got a backhoe back in the woods on the trail to pull it out to a waiting ramp truck. Came out slick as sh**. Video below of Fort Mountain Trailwinders in Epsom getting out of the woods despite a night "try to fix it on the trail" in single number temps the night before. So when you see those jugs in dealers, restaurants and local stores with "contribute to the trail fund" make sure you do your financial part please! IMG_1102 (1).3gp
  6. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Great pictures from everyone...Got a chance to get out yesterday Wednesday. Rode from camp in Groton, Warren, Lincoln, and back to camp thru Central NH trails. Was good except for 156 on the Lincoln maintained section which was rough. 11 south was also fine toward Campton. Took as few side trails which are always less traveled and fun! Still got snow but southern slopes show some thinning. Same every year...elevation is key!
  7. Saturday?

    Wish I could but tied up with a funeral for a good, close friend. We will hook up at some point...still have some good riding left.
  8. Good show...Len is loving it as would anyone!
  9. Warren to Twin Mountain

    That is a good run. You will get off of 5 above the Haverhill area and I think it is 105 that loops around Woodsville area then puts you back on 5. Nice through there in the open fields Haverill north back over to 5. You can get gas up in that area also. 5 does not go all the way through as on the map. You will need to start early to get up there for lunch. Coming back I would head back down 11 if time becomes an issue. I did that loop from Groton up 11 to Bethlehem to Warren and back a month or so ago. Very nice! Did not go to Twin.
  10. The snow continues to fall on a regular basis up here and the riding is great. Great destination rides, beautiful scenery, good places to eat, warming huts and club houses to visit, loops of all sizes and shapes, to enjoy and be part of. You can also snowshoe, ski, hike or just hang out and relax. Tenney Mountain ski area is open in the next town over and is accessible by sled for food, tubing and of course skiing. Come on up and enjoy!
  11. What year to use for ordering...

    I also just lost electrical functions lights, gauges (still runs and starts) on a 2002 and was wowed at the replacement price of $160.00!
  12. Great Riding in the CNHSC trails

    Oh come on...You can bring a lunch and eat in front of the woodstove at the warming hut, Sunset Grill is great, not too far to Rumney for the Common Cafe, Bistro or Plain Janes (you know about that). If you ride on Feb 23 you can eat TRAIL SIDE at Peaked Hill for Central NH's groomer the club, eat some dogs, burgers plus and enjoy the whole snowmobile experience. If all else fails you may see me cooking burgers on the Cor11 rail bed a week ago. I usually have extra. By the way...Red Hat Band next Sat night. Hope we don't get liquid snow on Sat.
  13. 2019 legislative session

    Looks like HB-699 is a dead issue thank goodness...did not get any support. How it got that far is nuts!
  14. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    And if it is bad or not can bail on 157 into Campton/Thorton area and enjoy Bruawachat trails and Central NH trails
  15. Official 2019 riding pic thread

    Doodave...I was up north of there about 2 weeks ago the day before the rain and it was great. Did a loop from Groton thru the Notch to Bethlehem, Littleton and back thru Warren to Groton.