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  1. Trail 15

    It is being worked on. New landowners in Pembroke 1/2 down toward bear brook and one reroute just south of rt4. Been a continued issue in Loudon. The way the weather is going in that area might not matter for the rest of this season but i have seen some crazy late February and March weather. Fingers crossed.
  2. NH Vacation week

    Unfortunately could be an early end to the winter, we shall see...I'm not done yet I hope. Had some good Wife likes my new sled so she got out more!
  3. North Station Diner- Rumney

    I took my wife down to eat lunch on sleds on Friday. I've been in a few times since they opened. Good to have a place open again...Common Cafe is done and will be missed. The "old Steves" might open up again in town. Hope that happens...need a place to ride to close by...get some live entertainment going again!
  4. And so it begins...

    Nice sleds guys. I got a new one also but my wife has been on it the entire time, everyone asks "how do you like it" I don't know...haven't had a chance to ride it! Happy wife-happy life?
  5. NHSA trail app

    i have not been out that section. pretty much a non groomed but open powerline trail. Sorry for late response!
  6. Trail wooden bridges

    I have always spaced the boards to allow some water and summer debris to hopefully fall thru the spaces. You can also get more bang for your dollar with spacing because it takes less boards. The snow tends to hang on the bridge anyway and we continue to pull some snow off the would be surprised how much weight it adds!
  7. NHSA trail app

    It can be a challenge.
  8. So I was wondering!

    There will continue to be money for summer work grants.
  9. NHSA safety course

    When I was teaching classes....anyone that would turn 12 during the season could take it. Now with snowmobiles and ATV it is 12 month season almost. The early days of certification i would do a multiple class of snow and atv so when your were certified you were certified for both. in some cases i would hold their card and mail it when they were of age.
  10. I registered 3 in NH and have 1 registered in Maine, member of 3 or 4 clubs. Bring on the snow!
  11. Happy New Year !

    At least we are starting off with a snowy pattern, Hope to get out and ride soon...looks like that might be the case!
  12. Could be tough to get out this season

    Plain Janes will be missed and was always a good place for people to park. New management last year and some parking issues but did not even get a chance to make a good go of it. The Snow Drifters even cut a new trail to it since the original bridge had washed out. Hopefully we will see it back on line in the future after this mess is over.
  13. Could be tough to get out this season

    Looks like the BLYE House/Camp Trail Side Chef Included. I do think if we could have an Old Grass Roots Winter when everyone can ride out of/or in their own back yard it will distribute the riders throughout the state and the pressures of concentrated riding areas. Trail Side Cookin will be the norm this winter as well as returns to the cabin or home for lunch. So step it up a notch and get ready. During the week should not be a problem at restaurants but think of the new way to handle yourself to limit exposure. Don't be hanging your helmet on the same post the last person did {hung on the mouth side)...take the helmet to your seat! Go dig into those community plate of nacho's...don't think so!
  14. Quarrentine Check in

    Being a landscape contractor things motor on as normal with maybe a few less phone calls which will probably pick-up once we get into a normal spring weather pattern. We keep our distance and work outside away from people. Can't believe its 2 weeks to Memorial Weekend all ready. Normal spring issues with not enough quality help...everyone is working (not) or getting paid too much to stay home! Seems to be a problem with all the area contractors...oh well. Family is good and Wife works from home anyway. Had a few "social distancing" weekend fires with refreshments. I guess the good Lord is trying to tell me to slow down and chill in his own way...looks like this Pandemic can bring out some good things in humanity and living life in general! Stay healthy my friends...
  15. Awesome ride today!

    As always a great ride with the "crew"...I get tied up on weekends sometimes with other riders, but love the pictures and routes. I need to do that route!