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  1. Saturday?

    Exit 28 is getting way too much press this year...I hope to be around this weekend if I can get over my illness. Thought I would be good to go by now.
  2. Spotted at a local fundraiser

    Beautiful! Soft helmet for a soft head!
  3. Finishing the Loop

    Great loop...wish I was there to share it with you.
  4. Spotted at a local fundraiser

    Looks like he is finally ready to go riding...just needs a helmet!
  5. Hookey

    That is awful...glad you are still with us. Thank goodness it was not any worse and good luck with the healing process. You are going to be sore for awhile but maybe we can continue to update you with spring riding pictures and stories!
  6. Riding Lyme to Skiway

    It all melted now!
  7. March 13 storm

    2' in Epsom easily when I plowed 6 hours ago!
  8. Open trails south of the notches

    Winter continues!
  9. Riding Lyme to Skiway

    They just had not groomed from the south side yet toward the town or the skiway on Sunday.
  10. Riding Lyme to Skiway

    Not all of it was good...coming from the south end toward the skiway was untouched but just a few sleds... but fun non-the-less for the most part. Could not get into Lyme center either...gate was closed. Was hoping for homemade pizza for lunch. Water starting to be a problem all over!
  11. I'm excited about the last storm...YOU?

    Awesome... ...looks like you also had a good day. Was over that way myself yesterday...they did not get the snow that other areas got. Still a GREAT day!
  12. Would not be doing any ice crossing myself unless its in a tumbler!
  13. I'm excited about the last storm...YOU?

    Awesome...looks like you had a good day!
  14. Got up to camp and it's mid-winter again. 18"+ of fluff here in the elevation. Settled a bit today so I could break open the goat path to 151 and get out my drag to tune it up. Heading out for some riding all weekend...getting some riding in while I still can. Got a few things going on at home this week and hope the weather holds. What's your story...we want to here it.