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  1. Contact List

    I think I am still on the list. This is a great feature and I have met lots of great folks to ride with...especially mid week. Bring on Winter Baby!!!
  2. Ski Doo MXZ 600 Ace

    Someday an upgrade!
  3. An early

    Yes a Happy Thanksgiving...that is a good way to either: burn off the extra calories and wake from the turkey induced comma or make room for a big meal prior! Either way a fun day!
  4. Youth rider

    When my kids were younger, I would use one pair of thinner but warm gloves as a base layer then add a second layer. The second layer making sure that they were pliable in cold weather as well as wind and water resistant. You could use all or just 1 set as conditions call for. Those shake up hand warmers are great as an extra set of "outside warmth". Trial and success because trail and error could be a painful mistake...go out and try some. They make some fairly warm glove liners these days.
  5. Snowy winter on tap?

    We received 5" in Dorchester last night, turning to mixed precip and rain this morning. Went up yesterday after getting done early at work to do some fall clean-up...only to find 2 inches of snow in the yard then. Guess I miss out on leaf duty this year. Just hope the ground freezes before the snow and that the ponds/lakes/streams/etc recede quickly. Nothing like a frozen body of water with dead air space underneath!
  6. How high could sled registration go?

    When it comes right down to it...ITS POCKET CHANGE. I know we don't want to hear it...and it seems like a lot of money...and we all can complain about it and everything else...but REALLY. We talk and compare it to skiing...longer season they make snow. Atving...longer season (but need to travel usually). Register in another, place to stay, etc. We all see all the issues...right? Well what about going out to dinner with the family, water parks, theme parks, hobo railroad ride (I do that small section of rail trail on a sled in minutes in the winter and may even see a crazy person) , Clarks trading post, etc...All good fun but $'s. Dinner for 4 is $60-$80 easy and if you include a favorite beverage even more and thats for only 1-2 hours of entertainment value? The trails are much better than they used to be...I do see a value in better trails don't you? Clubs are doing a good job with what they have AND with less volunteers. I can see both sides of all the issues...but when it comes right down to it...PEOPLE ONLY CARE ABOUT WHEN THERE IS SNOW THE TRAILS NEED TO BE GOOD...I will pay for good snow. There is proof of that in the data of a LOT of late club memberships/registrations in FEB and even MARCH. I know we preach to the choir here most of the time and some of us are a little extreme but it does make for some good conversation and brings out some issues we all should think about. So lets bring on a SNOWY season and EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! Fire up the grill and have a SPIDER DOG! Just my $.02 but going up to $.05!
  7. So lets keep this forum positive...

    Nice to too see Pre-Season activity here. We are all waiting and anticipating some snow this year as always. As I have said before my glass is always 1/2 full! Hope it starts early and stays late. Few pictures dated December 17, 2016 at camp in central NH. Nice to ride before Santa comes...that's all I need for Christmas.
  8. Reciprocal Weekend Cancelled

    If it is such a big deal for NH why doesn't fish and game just let everyone have a free pass from out of state. Problem solved! No tickets given out...only for unregistered sleds. I know this sounds simple and they are suppose to uphold the law but it can't be any simpler. I know COMMON SENSE doesn't work any more. It doesn't effect me accept when the Maine side of the family comes down to ride and visit.
  9. Grass Drags & Watercross 10/5/18 thru 10/7/18

    I am hanging around camp resting from a busy month of work and trying to get my wood in for the winter as well as enjoying the nice colors up here. I too hate the crowds...I can hear about it from everyone and look at the posted pictures. Hope everyone that attends has a good time...just not for me.
  10. * official old pic thread*

    Great Newfound pictures...Need something to happen like that again if the weather will cooperate. I also have a 79 Yamaha SS. Fun sled to ride...gave it to my oldest son a year or so ago. I stay on his ass to take care of it.
  11. So lets keep this forum positive...

    Need to get some snow and cold weather to rouse us all!
  12. So lets keep this forum positive...

    Yes for sure. Looking forward to some snow "all winter" and some riding. Maybe if they get a trail to Greenhouse we can try that also. Since they moved can't really ride to there.
  13. We get enough negative in everyday life from the idiots on the news. I have posted in the past to keep it positive on here so lets do it. HCS used to be the sled bashing format but that has cleaned up a bit toward the positive and but also has less comments that usual. Keep in clean and keep it fun...and lets invite our younger and newer sledders to chime in and post some FUN STUFF. Seems like when any forum goes ROGUE and NEGATIVE...a new forum pops up somewhere else and we all move to it. Lets get it back to normal and have some when the riding starts we are in the BIG POSITIVE ATTITUDE. I am starting it off with a nice high peak cooking photo. Can't wait! I look at photos and videos all summer! Might be hot lemonade in the cup....
  14. New Sno-Traveler format

    With the few yelling negative...the bottom line is positive for ALL of US. Hot'll just have to try it with your spider dog!
  15. New Sno-Traveler format

    So lets get positive. The new magazine is a BIG plus. Longer shelf life instead of a fire starter and continued good reading. Maybe now more people will read it and become more aware of what is going on...its amazing to see how many people don't get or read it. I also think the advertisers will benefit from this new, long lasting publication. Yes it is good to see the start of multi-club projects. We have been very territorial in the past with respect to "club trail systems"...but with less individuals to do trail work and limited resources it is good to see clubs beginning to work together. As John mentioned with are also going to send out E-mail notification with the facebook and website notifications to help keep members informed in our club. Let the season begin!!!!!!!!!!!!