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  1. So lets keep this forum positive...

    Yes for sure. Looking forward to some snow "all winter" and some riding. Maybe if they get a trail to Greenhouse we can try that also. Since they moved can't really ride to there.
  2. We get enough negative in everyday life from the idiots on the news. I have posted in the past to keep it positive on here so lets do it. HCS used to be the sled bashing format but that has cleaned up a bit toward the positive and but also has less comments that usual. Keep in clean and keep it fun...and lets invite our younger and newer sledders to chime in and post some FUN STUFF. Seems like when any forum goes ROGUE and NEGATIVE...a new forum pops up somewhere else and we all move to it. Lets get it back to normal and have some when the riding starts we are in the BIG POSITIVE ATTITUDE. I am starting it off with a nice high peak cooking photo. Can't wait! I look at photos and videos all summer! Might be hot lemonade in the cup....
  3. New Sno-Traveler format

    With the few yelling negative...the bottom line is positive for ALL of US. Hot'll just have to try it with your spider dog!
  4. New Sno-Traveler format

    So lets get positive. The new magazine is a BIG plus. Longer shelf life instead of a fire starter and continued good reading. Maybe now more people will read it and become more aware of what is going on...its amazing to see how many people don't get or read it. I also think the advertisers will benefit from this new, long lasting publication. Yes it is good to see the start of multi-club projects. We have been very territorial in the past with respect to "club trail systems"...but with less individuals to do trail work and limited resources it is good to see clubs beginning to work together. As John mentioned with are also going to send out E-mail notification with the facebook and website notifications to help keep members informed in our club. Let the season begin!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Good family project for the summer...looking forward to seeing it on the trails this winter! I've got a few projects to work on but I don't have AC in the shop. Miserable weather can' wait for fall/winter. Enjoy to build.
  6. Things are quiet here

    Try marine teak oil finish or the thick paint/stain to be used on covering older, dry decks. That deck paint will protect and reduce splinters, etc as a deck coating and don't know why it would not work on a trailer surface.
  7. Great start to a base

    As I have said before...I hate summer more and more. Live for fall, winter, and spring although we don't seem to get spring and winter anymore. This hot, humid, dry summer is awful. When we do get rain or weather changes it is so severe and does not do anyone any good. I guess some rain is better than none. Hail is no good for anyone. It always costs me money in lost plants and other damage.
  8. Things are quiet here

    Yes that sound like a good idea...but I'm NOT planting beforehand! I know how your mind works now...and be happy that we both still have a mind to work with!!!!!
  9. Things are quiet here

    Busy time of year for everyone...I work my ass off Landscaping, Site Work, etc in the spring thru fall/early winter so I can enjoy time in the WINTER. I also help with my Mom after my Dad Died 3 years ago with her related issues. Your folks take care of you as you enter into this world and you take care of them on the other end. Enjoy the time you have because one day they will not be there physically...but will always be there spiritually! And that goes with all friends and family. On a positive note: got up to camp on Saturday and grabbed some steamers on the way up (clams you know). Got a few outside chores done and it was downright refreshing with the cooler air. Started up the wood stove in camp and boiled the steamers on the wood stove no less. There is something about the smell of the wood stove, wood burning and damp, rainy cool weather...many of you know what I am talking about. Hooked up Netflix and watched the new episodes of "THE RANCH"...what a hoot! Now this afternoon I'm sweating in the muggies! Hope everyone is having a good summer...we are one step closer to winter.
  10. Just got the sleds home. Probably did 1700 miles or so. Didn't think I would get to ride that much since I had the shoulder injury/surgery last spring...they said I might not ride at all this past winter. Guess I proved them wrong but I did tend to keep the rides shorter and baby the shoulder a bit. Some riding is better than to concentrate on Trail Side Cooking. Looking forward to next season for sure!!!!
  11. Always a sad time of year to head up to camp and pick up the sleds to bring home until next season. Worked a bit extra this week so I could come up Sunday and Monday. Still got some snow up in the elevation of the woods around camp. Rode up and down the hill a few times to get rid of the demons until next season. Cookin outside at camp not to far off the trail so I guess you could call it Trail Side Cookin! Cutting some trees to get back my view of the White Mountains again before the leaves come out...stuff grows in so quick. Snow depth is up to 2.5" in spots...making it tough to cut in such uneven terrain. Snow will still be here for a bit so I still have some time and don't have to risk turning an ankle or worse. Thought I would just share a few pictures for those of you who also also suffer from the seasonal change from snow to "next season" whatever that may be. For anyone that saw the last picture of the far off peak with snow (Twin) in a previous post. it still has snow (1st picture). Last 2 pictures are coming in my road of my neighbors...then rest up by camp. Crazy what elevation has on snow and weather in general. i was landscaping peoples yard last week and I have snow at camp...yipee.
  12. Some Riding...Some trail side cookin!

    Hotdogs and gourmet beans this time with hot tea on the side!
  13. Owner of Rochester Sports Center has passed away

    Sorry to hear...he was very involved in the snowmobile, atv, and boating sports/community. His brother Randy opened up Jerico Motor Sports in Berlin years ago and since has sold it. My blessings go out to the family.
  14. Skip has lost his mate!

    So sorry to here about your loss Skip, God bless. My prayers go out to you and your family.
  15. Some Riding...Some trail side cookin!

    Still a lot of salt/sand on the roads up there especially up high...hope he gave his bike a good wash afterwards. We have fair amount of snow on the ground just not on the trails still...there is always next year for sledding. Great area for bikes for sure...lots of nice back roads and nice views. I rent to several bikers each season over in my rental place in Dorchester.