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  1. Just got the sleds home. Probably did 1700 miles or so. Didn't think I would get to ride that much since I had the shoulder injury/surgery last spring...they said I might not ride at all this past winter. Guess I proved them wrong but I did tend to keep the rides shorter and baby the shoulder a bit. Some riding is better than to concentrate on Trail Side Cooking. Looking forward to next season for sure!!!!
  2. Always a sad time of year to head up to camp and pick up the sleds to bring home until next season. Worked a bit extra this week so I could come up Sunday and Monday. Still got some snow up in the elevation of the woods around camp. Rode up and down the hill a few times to get rid of the demons until next season. Cookin outside at camp not to far off the trail so I guess you could call it Trail Side Cookin! Cutting some trees to get back my view of the White Mountains again before the leaves come out...stuff grows in so quick. Snow depth is up to 2.5" in spots...making it tough to cut in such uneven terrain. Snow will still be here for a bit so I still have some time and don't have to risk turning an ankle or worse. Thought I would just share a few pictures for those of you who also also suffer from the seasonal change from snow to "next season" whatever that may be. For anyone that saw the last picture of the far off peak with snow (Twin) in a previous post. it still has snow (1st picture). Last 2 pictures are coming in my road of my neighbors...then rest up by camp. Crazy what elevation has on snow and weather in general. i was landscaping peoples yard last week and I have snow at camp...yipee.
  3. Some Riding...Some trail side cookin!

    Hotdogs and gourmet beans this time with hot tea on the side!
  4. Owner of Rochester Sports Center has passed away

    Sorry to hear...he was very involved in the snowmobile, atv, and boating sports/community. His brother Randy opened up Jerico Motor Sports in Berlin years ago and since has sold it. My blessings go out to the family.
  5. Skip has lost his mate!

    So sorry to here about your loss Skip, God bless. My prayers go out to you and your family.
  6. Some Riding...Some trail side cookin!

    Still a lot of salt/sand on the roads up there especially up high...hope he gave his bike a good wash afterwards. We have fair amount of snow on the ground just not on the trails still...there is always next year for sledding. Great area for bikes for sure...lots of nice back roads and nice views. I rent to several bikers each season over in my rental place in Dorchester.
  7. Some Riding...Some trail side cookin!

    The one picture with the snow capped mtn is looking Northeast from my deck at camp, the others are just around camp in Groton.
  8. Some Riding...Some trail side cookin!

    There are actually 2 side by side one being taller...think it is Twin. They really show up from camp late in the day when the sun hits them just right! I have the camera on zoom a bit so they actually look closer than they are.
  9. Drone view of fireworks show

    Should have its own Thread Listing on here. Awesome.
  10. Some Riding...Some trail side cookin!

    Zack and I did get out on Monday and it was sweeet. Just stayed around camp area...probably my last ride for the season. Nobody else around...not that it surprised us. Looking for close but didn't see them. "There is always next season we say" and how quick the snowmobile season comes and goes and then we say it again... We have pictures and videos so we can savor the moments once again at a later date...usually on a hot summers day. How nice it is to be able share these photo op's...with friends, family, fellow sledders and others. Always have to include pictures!
  11. Some Riding...Some trail side cookin!

    Looks like your coming down with a cold...cough-cough. Zack and I will probably go out in the morning for a bit.
  12. Getting to the end of the season for me back to daily had to get out and get in my last licks. Rode on Sat and invoked in some Trail Side cooking at the "Big Pine Tree" for maybe the last time this season. Enjoyed a great day of riding. Sunday rode with Coldbrew, Noxorc, and Mark B. Great too finally ride with these guys this season. Where has the season gone? Took in some great scenery, good riding...90% great trails, good fellowship and overall wonderful time as usual. Not a lot of traffic at all either! Got a bit of Gopro footage that will have to last me into the summer before I hunger for more. Will post some later! Nice to meet some new people on the trails as always...I guess I have become too social...who ME! You never know whom you may meet...nice to meet you President Phil of the Derry Pathfinders...Pres to Pres! Thanx guys for riding!
  13. Rode Twin to Gorham Saturday

    Wow looks awesome! I rode around camp about 120 miles yesterday...I guess I will hook-up with you guys next season unless we get a SledNH summer cookout together this summer somewhere.
  14. Saturday?

    My contact info in the "looking for riders section" give me a jingle just got back from a short ride or post or PM.
  15. Sunday ?

    I am around to ride Hardy/Lyme Plus area. I posted on PolarisCobra's thread. You could park at my place...Rumney and lower elevations are getting real thin.