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  1. Big groomers, small trails

    And build them a building to keep in, along with a building on the other side for sled/groomer to ride through the tunnel to get to it.
  2. How much air is in your spare?

    Well I guess it's a good thing I had a flat last year and got to exercise mine. It was also a good thing a friend following me had a bid block of hardwood in his trailer because I had to beat the wheel off the hub with it.
  3. What's the story with these trees

    It is a small world I'm from Willsboro which is 30 miles south of Plattsburg which is where we had to go is we wanted McDonalds
  4. What incentives do NH land owners have?

    You may be interested to know that the NHSA currently has a committee that is exploring ways to accommodate Backwoods/Off Trail riding and the things that go into it. Roger Wright is is the Chair. We had a presentation from a group of backwoods riders last year at a BOD meeting. I suspect they will be able at some future time to get some areas to accommodate so amount of it, but we as a state are more constrained be geography and the nature of our land ownership than by any supposed attitude against it. I will tell you that the attitude of any given club is driven and governed by the attitudes of their landowners rather than the opinions of the Officers and members. In other words we adapt to what the landowner wants ITS THEIR LAND either that or lose the trails and with out the trails snowmobiling in New hampshire would cease to exist for just about everybody young, old, slow or fast it wouldn't really matter.
  5. Local riding- good stuff!

    Got about the same in myself little blast from my house up to Moose and around Jesse and Home Gotta love it for December
  6. You can subscribe to the twice weekly Trail Report from the Bureau of Trails here http://www.nhstateparks.org/Activities/snowmobiling/ Here is a cut and paste if last Fridays December 15, 2017 Snowmobile season has arrived! Cold temps and snow have made an appearance across much of the state at this point. However, there are still several areas where trees are down from the October storm and bodies of water have not frozen fully. Clubs are working frantically to clean up debris from the storm and finish trail projects. Please respect the landowners’ and clubs’ wishes to stay off the trails if they are not listed as open. The following areas have reported that they are open for riding, though not all are groomed. If you do go out, use caution as conditions are Early Season meaning open water bars, rocks, stumps, etc. The Swift Diamond Riders will be opening most of their trail system tomorrow the 16th. There are no open connections to other club trails – watch for signs and stay off trails that are signed CLOSED. Milan will be open on the east side of the Androscoggin River from 7 Islands Bridge to Success, ungroomed. Jericho Mountain State Park in Berlin is open, ungroomed. Riding within the park only! Gates to connecting trail systems are not open at this time. The White Mountain Trail Club reports that Bear Notch has gates open, but no grooming has been done as of yet. Note that the Upper Haystack Trail to Albany Brook is CLOSED. Bridgewater Mountain Snowmobile Club has opened their trail system and is reminding riders to ride with care as there are water bars still open. Note that neighboring trail systems are not open! Hardy Country Snowmobile Club, Hebron, has opened their trail system and is working on grooming. The reported receiving a foot of snow this past storm. Note that neighboring trail systems are not open! Continue your snow dances and get ready for the season by joining a club, registering your sled now, doing a pre-season check of your sled, and getting all your cold weather gear together and checked out. Recreational Rail Trails (State-owned): The following state owned Recreational Rail Trails are open, but not groomed. The gates remain closed – use caution when using the pass throughs! Ammonoosuc: GATES CLOSED Ashuelot: GATES CLOSED Cheshire Line: GATES CLOSED Farmington: GATES CLOSED Fort Hill Line: GATES CLOSED Hillsborough: GATES CLOSED Northern: GATES CLOSED Presidential: GATES CLOSED Rockingham: GATES CLOSED Sugar River: GATES CLOSED Upcoming Events: Tri-State Reciprocity Weekend, January 26th-28th. Snowmobiles legally registered in Maine and Vermont are able to operate on New Hampshire trails and snowmobiles legally registered in New Hampshire are able to operate in Maine and Vermont. NH Snowmobile Association’s Easter Seals Ride-In for Camp Sno-Mo will take place in Gorham this year on February 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. 2018 Pink Ride, Silver Lake State Park, Hollis, February 10th. Additional Resources and Information NH Snowmobile Corridor Map (Interactive online map) Snowmobile Club Information Snowmobile User Information New England Snow Depth Map NH Weather Radar Winter OHRVing For information on NH’s OHRV & Snowmobile regulations view the NH OHRV & Snowmobile Digest of Regulations at: http://www.eregulations.com/newhampshire/OHRV/
  7. Some Maine Clubs Giving Up

    You need to join mine. Actually you should join where you ride of course your free to come here and ride anytime.
  8. Winding up recoil spring for Bravo 250

    May Help may not
  9. Another Trail Issue

    We have a couple Trail Issues in the Union Wakefield area, the first is that we've lost the trail that goes from Corridor 26 to Lovell Lake We got a new landowner a couple years ago and it's been kind of an on again off again permission thing which always seems to resolve itself by the time Snow Flies well this year it hasn't and as of right now the Trail is closed and will probably remain so for this year. Our Biggest issue is the Maple Street Bridge over the Branch River in Union, It has been closed to traffic for a long time but we have got permission from the Selectmen each year to move the barriers and use it for snowmobiles. It however has been deteriorating these last few years and with the Rains we had a few weeks ago washed out the area behind the abutments and it is no longer safe even for Snowmobiles. We are trying to come up with a couple of options to either put narrow sled only bridge across the top of what's there or come up with an alternate way through the Village by using the Bridge St bridge and for this year at least the sidewalk alongside RT 125 to intersect with the current trail. If we can get the permissions this may turn out to be a better alternative.
  10. Craig Mayo receives award!

    The Award was the Second Annual Ray Burton Memorial Trail Project Award. Craig was Accepting for the Colebrook Skibee's. Every club is eligible to apply each year and the applications are scored in a manner similar to the Scholarship apps. on a point system by 3 independent scorers the Application with the highest average points is selected. The Idea is to do something to Honor the memory of Councilor Burton for his long service to the state and snowmobiling and do it in a way that benefits Snowmobilers.
  11. NHSA membership portal

    If you are referring to the No member access message in red just ignore it a d do what you need to. It refers to the fact that the online sales portion is down.
  12. Letter from respected Past County Director

    The online Membership Portal that feeds the auditable database is still up and running all that has been shutdown is ability of an individual to join a club through NHSA's system. When went online two years ago I just stopped keeping my own separate Database. Once a week or so through the season I just export the Club Membership report as a CSV file Which comes out basically as an Excel file at any rate I import that in to Mailchimp which is what I use for Club Email notices. I can process an renewal in less than a minute and update my email list in about 5 minutes once a week.
  13. New NHSA Executive Director

    I don't know how many fields it is but it lets it gives me all the info I need to do mailing and email. There are a couple of things I used to record that I don't now but I haven't really missed them.
  14. New NHSA Executive Director

    Why enter it twice, the NHSA system lets me export a club membership report CSV file into Excel in about 5 seconds. As a rule it also lets me enter renewals in about less than 30 Seconds. I search for a member enter about the first 3 letters of there last name pic them from the list and verify what's in the system is still correct and click renew. If they moved or something it takes a little longer. Once I'm done I bring up the activity report to print and save there vouchers to put in the mail along with a welcome/thank you letter. the hard part is stuffing envelopes. Entering a new member is about the same as before I'm just typing on a web form instead of Excel. If I think they will have need of and immediate voucher to register a sled (most don't because they are joining at a registration agent when the register there sled) I email there voucher to them right away and follow it up with the snail mail version and sticker/letter. There are things about it that could work better and it will change over time but the online system makes my life easier. I probably cut the amount of time I spent in half and will be better this year because with the back to normal membership level a much greater percentage of the applications will be renewals.
  15. Maintenance Day

    I attended a Motorcycle maintenance day to day with the Golds Wing Riders, about about 20 people show up with the bikes at a members house who happened to have a well equipped garage and conduct routine maintenance on their motorcycle mostly simple things like pre season service, accessory installs etc, Bit sometime tire changes or more complicated repairs to. It has the atvantage of having someone there to helo if it's something you've never done but it's also an enjoyable do spen with both old and new friends. I'm wondering is anybody is maybe interested in a SLEDNH maintenance day sometime in the fall.