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  1. Godspeed Jim Herbert

    So sad to lose another great guy,,, my condolances
  2. Fire

    Thanks so much everyone,,,,, I did post a comment on the threat fire at Murray Farm,,,
  3. Fire at Murray Farm

    Hey Thanks so MUCH everyone,,,,, snowmobiling friends and friends from far and wide have been reaching out,,,, several came to lend a hand for a day or more,,, many well wishes from ALL OVER ,, my entire service building and offices , heating plant including my chip plant, water storage and booster pump,, fertilizer for this spring,,, this seasons seed packs for our customers, just serviced our zero turn mower,,, all GONE ,,,, the gable on our greenhouse that was destroyed was 174' wide. It took 100% of all the heating equipment hung on that gable,, we lost our stand by generator, all our tools, and I just put a $35,000 standing seam roof on the building last summer,,, we had just taken a delivery of a NEW gas boiler that wasn't installed yet, the wreckage list is surreal.... I have no choice other than to be POSITIVE,,, the good in neighbors, friends, family, no one was hurt, the cat survived, MOST of my plants that were not burned will make it,,,,,, INSURANCE? grossly underinsured, I hope my inspiration will inspire others,,,,, its all I really have always wanted in life,
  4. Very nice job and great yankee knowhow! Now I hope it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get her fixed!
  5. Im horribly sorry Steve but I have to disagree with your post. IT in NO WAY is the volunteers "job" that just finished a 7000 mile infrastructure of trails and bridges and developing landowner relationships responsibility to NOW GO AND find the "off trail riders" a place to ride.. off trail riding breeds a mindset that when they want to zip up a embankment, ride all over gravel pits and across ANY field they want they just see it as their "god given right" We just lost a section of primary 335 in Boscawen, We have another section in Jeopardy, as well as 2,5 miles of corridor #11 ,,, we have even had riders cut thru the STATE OF NH VETERANS CEMETERY!! They have also ridden all around the Merrimack County Nursing Home with their lights flickering into the rooms of the elderly as well as alzimers residents! We are on the ENDANGERED LIST WITH THE COUNTY, STATE, a major Gravel Company, and a landowner that has over 2000 acres ALL IN BOSCAWEN "Im my view off trail is not a sport its an "attitude" and its a shitty attitude at that! OH ,,,, I forgot one,,,, the CITY OF CONCORD gave us passage in limited sections of the City Parks,,, we are on "probation" with them also!. I have about $25,000 of irrigation laying on top of the ground under 6" of snow (in Concord) there have been ZERO PROBLEMS for the las 20 years with riders staying OFF my irrigation I provide MANY acres for passage thru my property as does my family As soon as any of my Irrigation is damaged Im closing off my land,, and NO it can't be "picked up in the fall! I want to be clear there are TWO types of off trail riders in NH ,,,,,,,, However BOTH are breaking the LAW!
  6. Maybe time in NH for a new sign,,,,,,,,,,,,, "OFF TRAIL IS AGAINST THE LAW" ID suggest the Moultonboro announce a go fund me and try to work with the landowner ,,, when enough is raised to put enough game cameras out, the trails could open with recording,, its WAY BEYOND discouraging for many of us
  7. How to keep snowmobiling alive in NH

    If my memory is serving me correctly there are some over 4000 LANDOWNERS that make up the NH 7000 mile system. Based on the "fragmentation of the land area of NH coupled to the distance and areas desired (for off trail) you can be assured NH starts with limitations! One other factor is that Maine is 33,000 square miles Coos County is just under 1800 with the whole State of NH covering just Under 9000 miles, food for thought!
  8. NHSA Sno Traveler promoting ME sledding

    Steve its TOTALLY EASY to "argue the merits of camp Sno-Mo from the outside looking inward,,, I could easily join you on this topic ,,,,, HOWEVER you may want to take the time this Saturday eve to go to the Andover Pasta Buffet (at the Middle school) and take a gander at the way in which everyone pulls together for a common goal,,,,,,, the meal easily fits YOUR budget/price range (jk-jk) bring a 20 to buy some raffle tickets for a tons of prizes they have ,,,, REMEMBER to take a hard look at how this brings community together,,, and provides a imesureable service to families that have a child that couldn't do camp otherwise!!!!!! You missed Warners last Saturday, and Canterbury the Saturday before! hope to see you there!!!!
  9. NHSA Sno Traveler promoting ME sledding

    Well Rob then disagree it is, I NEVER indicated that the increase in funding was to "HIRE" people to do trails stuff.... heck in my own club we are still running one ALPINE ! Our NEW sled type groomer is a 17 year old Scandic, there are some groomers out there that are pretty tired and aged. REMEMBER with the current system it will take 62 years (approx) with our current system to replace the current grooming fleet through the State!
  10. NHSA Sno Traveler promoting ME sledding

    A couple considerations John to consider, the last increase was ONLY a "bandaid" to try to buy time, financially we were "circling the drain" at the last increase and we have continued to be insolvent since that increase ,,,, The second consideration is that trails, bridges, and grooming equipment STATEWIDE has greatly expanded to try to keep pace with the sport of snowmobiling,,,,,,, unfortunately the sport has morphed more rapidly then the users wish to pay,, what ONCE was an 8-10 hour ride from my home is now a 2.5 hour ride,, and YES id rather pay the higher price in order to cover more QUALITY trail! I Clearly remember ALL my adventures on a sled being on my and my neighbors property,,,,,,, and THEN I made it to the corner store a half mile away,,,, those were AMAZING times!!!!
  11. NHSA Sno Traveler promoting ME sledding

    sorry Bruce my "peter" runned" out of "a"s!!!
  12. NHSA Sno Traveler promoting ME sledding

    It isn't necessary to buy a new sled when the time comes nor new gear to go with it,,,, but in regard to not being able to "afford" another registration increase I ask this,,,,,, can we just sit by and watch clubs close down? We are in the process of losing a few each year! Is it far that volunteers use their own resources to keep groomers running to make the trails we all enjoy? lots of the time groomers are plugged in to an electrical outlet to keep batteries tended and engine blocks warm adding to volunteers electric bill on a month basis, A $54 increase IS two tanks of gas,,,,,,,,,,,,,, BUT it is also $2,000,000 into the STATEWIDE trails/grooming fund! Yes priorities have to determine what are hobbies are and no one leaves the spot that isn't missed,, for me the RIDE is maybe 30% of the fun,,,,, the MEMORIES are the other 70%! Lastly as I look at it, its ALWAYS been a rich mans sport, like boating, skiing, golf, bicycling and going to the games or concerts or vacation!!! NOTHING is cheep!
  13. NHSA Sno Traveler promoting ME sledding

    First and foremost Thank You for bringing up the purposed registration increase here it provides for open discussion The NHSA is not going to make one cent on the increase. I want to be on the record that I was NOT FOR the increase at first, The intent of the increase is to provide clubs with a reimbursement per hour of grooming which is closer to "true operational cost" for each grooming hour. It is purposed to be a $54 increase of the current fee. This is closer to a 50% increase when you look at it from a "pre club member discount". Upon pouring over the numbers, and remember they do not lie. The moratoriums on GIA grants in the last several years need to send us ALL a clear message that the current level of funding for trails is unable to maintain the trail system funding we have all come to enjoy. The committee was made up of snowmobilers including the Trails Bureau Chief all working together determined that the effort is to be able to disburse close to $2,000,000 additional annually to the clubs. YES it first sounds like a lot, but if you divide it by 106 clubs, the average is $20,000 per club, it is not huge money when construction, and groomer maintence/fuel and periodic groomer replacement needs to be considered. The model being discussed will turn over to the clubs 100% ownership of their equipment. They will be able to buy, trade, swap equipment at will without the NH BOT having input on their acquisitions As the old saying goes "If we are going to dance then WE must pay the fiddler"
  14. NHSA Sno Traveler promoting ME sledding

    Northern Outdoors is a PAID advertiser,,, Im not sure thats the same as "promoting them" (or Maine)
  15. I can say that its a great time,,,, with plenty of food, and Leon's "Cheeseburger Chowder " is a favorite of mine, I hope to be there this year!
  16. Sled would not start

    Dave , you may want to check the rest of your lines,,, better now than in Feb!!!!
  17. My brother passed away rather suddenly , ,, I have been in the throws of a lot of family stuff including company from out of state,, I will get back you you soon
  18. John there are few words in 215-C:39 Id like to "dissect" for you, the first word is "PROOF" I will comment that in the USA there are 154 men named GEORGE FORMAN I do not know how many snowmobile in NH however,,, there are some John Smiths too,, maybe a SR, Jr, and third? With the system that has been in use, there is PROOF that abuse of the system was happening. How FAIR was the abuse to the people that have been paying (truly joining a NH club) right along? The next words are THAT THEY ARE A MEMBER, if the only way to stop people from trying to beat the system is to require a voucher how is it different for needing a boarding pass to get on an airplane, an arm band for a concert or grass drags or your local fair, or a ticket to the movies or theatre? Its just a way of filtering out the people that have been trying to beat the "system" My best advice to those who are offended and upset is to man up and pay the longer price without joining a club to register your sleds, which simply HELPS our sport more, As for myself I am active at multiple levels, now and assistant director, VP at my club, near perfect attendance at trail work projects, and donate my equipment in every way possible as needed for trail use. I also run groomer as well as store one groomer at my farm. There is no need for "applause" just take 10 seconds and ask yourself if PROOF of MEMBERSHIP is JUST MAYBE going to work? For ANYBODY that is convinced their club membership is going to disappear,,,, I simply want to ask,,, disappear to WHERE?
  19. Great start to a base

    Holy cow!!!!! tho the plants can look like a loss, sometimes nature can turn them around again,,,,,, John your right about being crazy,,,,,, we've taken harsh hail before and made it thru,,, bad hail isn't much worse than a heard of deer,,,,, and I've recovered from that too! I have been nailed by $8000 once by the buggers,, they ate 2600 pots of ornimantal cabbage and kale
  20. Great start to a base

    Like always ,,, we got crap in Penacook!!!!
  21. Things are quiet here

    Bruce,,,,,,,,,, YOUR wife is one of two that has had me BURIED in "mums" 36,000 PLANTED and 6,500 to go,,,,, and THEN ,,,,,,,,,, she brings me ANOTHER 150 plants for samples!!!!!!! sheesh,,,, but the samples are FREE plants so they are getting their trial,,,, YOU are a wise man, grasping those special moments,, the river that flows past my house awaits my toon boat with burgers OR breakfast on the water ,,,,and a trip to Hero's bridge,,,,,, not MUCH longer,, you'll have to come for a trip,,, its been a LONG spring!
  22. Things are quiet here

    Sorry Dave about your in laws ,,, it’s a difficult chapter of “life” sledaholic THANK YOU for helping Dirt Dummy... he needs all he can get ,,, (kidding there) ,, don’t let him make you help weed his garden !! Me ? Been open at the greenhouse 61 hours a week ,, plus the work AFTER work, Either this Friday Or Monday I receive 42,000 mums that I have maybe two weeks to plant and get onto irrigation,, YES FALL IS COMING!! ,,, looking forward to early July,, for a day or two off ! And my grass? I think I need to mow and bale it !!
  23. Special Meeting

    From grocery stores to the lowes and Home Depot’s of the world “self check out is becoming the “norm” for customers that do not have a lot of items, ONCE YOUR INFO is in the portal it simply repopulates when rejoining. For members willing to do their own membership it takes the task off a VOLUNTEER of the club, the voucher is saved as a PDF on your phone OR it’s able to be printed from a printer. MAYBE I’m missing something but the PROCESS doesn’t seem difficult,,,,
  24. Special Meeting

    George ,, I’m sure you have your club membership under “control” and I’m also betting you have been doing membership for many years! You have continually strived to build it in a fashion that worked well for how you wanted/ needed it to work for you !! Let me share what happened in my own club that I have been “Vp” of for more than 12 years ,,, we had a president that did membership ,, then I believe a secretary for a bit , then a membership person who did an amazing job for the last several years, and this spring she informed the club she needed to take a break ,, so OFF IT GOES AGAIN ,,, Club volunteers DO CHANGE ,, info and procedure get lost in the “shuffle” The NHSA office has been called on more than a “couple” occasions by agents/dealers saying ,,” we have a stack of membership forms with cash from the following club that has not been picked up, what are we supposed to do with them”? The changes are NOT necessarily about YOUR CLUB or MINE ,,, the changes are about improving a system that had “periodic holes” created by the routine movement of VOLUNTEERS!! Please don’t take these changes as an attack on what you have at your club level, MANY clubs are not fortunate enough to have the slow attrition of membership volunteers as the MSC! the “act” of joining a club will be as simple as picking up your own smart phone OR going to your computer and filling out the application “online”,,, the club(s) still have the opportunity to send a welcome letter, complementary map, etc to each new member ,,, a “job” the membership person can STILL EXCELL for his own club with ! The average “lifespan” of a club membership “chairperson” ,, seems to be 3-5 years at BEST in my club. Using this average this COULD MEAN there are up to 20 NEW membership chairs this year statewide,, I sincerely hope this may make some sense.
  25. Rob BEFORE you throw in the towel ,, can I ask did you ever ride a NEW sled that cost less than $1000 ?? Did you ride it PRE GROOMING days?? sleds have “morphed” grooming has “morphed” our members EXPECTATIONS have “morphed” gear has “morphed” New sleds under $10,000 are getting more “rare” the WORST change I’ve seen in my 50 years ? Is the lack of people pulling TOGETHER with time, resources, and EVEN MONEY ,,, to make it all work ! on a positive note there ARE GREAT people working to make it stick ,,, but we can always use more,,,,,