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  1. Online Membership Update

    Ummmm?? Have you talked with your county director about the changes you feel you need to have brought forward?? And also try to understand ,, any change ultimately becomes a vote of the directors representing each county ,, do you attend your county meetings ?? Even if your county feels they have a valid change to be brought forward ,,, it’s STILL a board vote from each County Director,, or could require a vote at the annual meeting by the membership as a director do i I think our association does “things” in the exact priority that I would do them ??? HELL NO !! But I am not the only “say” ,,, nor am I the final “say” it comes down to rolling up the sleeves and WORKING with the consensus,, Did I feel that the mindset of 100% “forced” membership was right??? NO I DID NOT Did I have the corrective answers or solution?? NO I DID NOT Do I feel the current process going forward is “Just and correct” I ABSOLUTELY DO!
  2. Online Membership Update

    I’m going to TRY to shed some prospective so it’s been in the past nearly $100 (in state) to enjoy the “privledge” of riding a snowmobile OFF your own property lets THINK of how many directions tat money goes join a club and the club uses it for insurance, equipment, fuel, repairs. trail projects that are self funded, And club administration postage, news letters etc When you go to register and $3 goes to the agent with the rest going to be divided between fish and game for Staff , law enforcement, search and rescue, printing and providing our decals ,their equipment, insurance, admin and then some goes to NH BOT for staff, admin, signs, their own equipment and the Grant in aide program that is our life blood ,,, so is that really all we need ???? Or might it be a a good idea to have a common “ASSOCIATION “for clubs? A condiut for communication for clubs training for club “administration “ and groomer operators a brick and mortar office with full time staff ? To host numerous committee meetings including grass drag, Easter seals, trail masters meeting, insurance committee, scollarship, trails, legislative, and more as well as meet with officials from fish and game snd NH BOT each month to bring info Back to clubs the ability to organize for group insurance an attorney to monitor all bills and possible law changes that could affect our ability to ride Now in my THIRD year as a director I’m anything but s NHSA enthusiast,, HOWEVER I am appalled to realize there are people “enjoying” the trails that do not realize how integral an “ASSOCIATION” truly is, that’s supported ( in every way) by snowmobilers
  3. So, why aren't people happy?

    We are having riders go anywhere that is "white" with some VERY unhappy landowners, first pass is pretty rough,, and then the ICE on trees, ,,,,,,, somehow I feel LATE January will feel better to me,,, I CAN SAY,,,,,,,,, Im happy the snow is here NOW so that we will get the wrinkles fixed and have a longer season than in the last few seasons!
  4. Maybe it will be covered under “warranty!!
  5. Season cost to "play" in snow ..

    So The fact the sleds have become more expensive is the reason the entire infastructure cast be compensated fairly? How does it work for the people that have a boat that they spend $200-$300 to register and $3000-$4000 for a mooring spot?? you CAN spend $2500 on skis bindings and boots,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, there ARE sleds "used" in that price range,,,,,,,
  6. I was just on my Facebook and saw the promo for SKI passes for Sunday River (includes three mts) buy by October 9 and it's ONLY $1169 For the adult pass for the 2017-2018 season! I wanted to share in an effort that snowmobilers may recognize that their "use of trails" fee is darn CHEEP !! Not trying to start a war ,, just wanted to share, also seniors is $869,,, kids under 5 is $30
  7. Got my Snow Traveler Yesterday

    I very much liked ALL the new changes !!!!
  8. trail closure ?

    Oh Yes, face to face, well dressed with the contract,,, not fresh off a trail work party!!!!
  9. trail closure ?

    Trail access can be a valuable as waterfront to the right person! The current landowner needs to clearly understand that any new landowner can choose to leave it open or close it once the property is sold ,, the club needs to do a ONE YEAR written contract with the current landowner that clearly states that trail use is to be renewed ANNUALLY and can be closed during the season with a 1-10 day notice in the event of a trail issue, make it formal on club letterhead and have it signed by the president and trail master with the contact info of every officer and directors contact information,, I'd be shocked if this does not get the trail open for this year.
  10. Busy ?????? Well yaaaaa,,, spring we broke sales records ,,in spite of SNOW on Mother's Day , then mid June we planted a few mums ,,, 31,000. Last few weeks have been relaxing a bit ,, but starting early September ,,, its mum season !!! This is one of three fields ,,,
  11. Had a similar situation in river hill I had convinced the city to make it an ordnance that the sidewalk be trail for the winter ,,, the few pedestrians walk on the groomed "trail" with no difficulty. BOTH parties are "ok"! Ok I just talked with the General Services Director, the construction in the area has been vast, including a round a bout near by,, there are some possible options to work around this ,,,, some of the problems even come from the ADA regulations and federal funds that go into these projects, I hope the local club can reach out to the General Services and see if a solution may be reached,,, before the season gets here!!!
  12. Well it's great to BE alive and kicking ,, ! kinda been a blur for the last 4 months
  13. It seems sometimes bad news sells more papers but I just feel I'd like to say I left the monthly NHSA meeting feeling VERY EXCITED and upbeat over multiple POSITIVE changes , including but not limited to the manner the overall meeting was handled, I feel there is a MUCH more calmer feel to the office, our new Executive director ( Dan) and the office admin (Steph) are settling in and it's rapidly becoming a better place, more productive, with some very good things ahead. Yes I'm being vague, but let's all keep our fingers crossed that I'm right with also a great winter predicted ahead! Just think positive and look ahead !! I feel a great year is before us all ,

    well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I dunno,,,, the vegetables as well as posies have shown me more than once they do indeed listen,,, they have proven on occasion they even have a sense of humor,,, I have seen a "sign" sent on occasion,,,, in my 52 years I cave seen some crazy "stuff" from vegetables,,, now mind you I am talking about the greenhouse!!!!!! And I am SERIOUS!!! On the OTHER HAND,,,,,,,,,,,,,, So the lady comes into my greenhouse saying, geeze, I am having difficulty getting my tomatoes to turn RED every single summer,,,, , so I think a moment and ask about watering, location etc,,,,, and say, I well I have a very interesting thought to try,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, each morning go you your garden only clad in your bathrobe,,,, ,,,,,,, facing the garden untie the robe and flash them your amazing body and see if maybe we can get them to "blush" ,,,, I honestly think it will help.... Several weeks pass and she returns with some beautiful RED tomatoes for me,,,,, surprised I asked, so how did it work,,?????? oh my she said,,,, WONDERFULLY,,,, so many BLUSHING tomatoes I am giving them to every one I can think of,,,,,,, and by the way she said,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I have never have had BIGGER cucumbers also...!!!