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  1. Special Meeting

    From grocery stores to the lowes and Home Depot’s of the world “self check out is becoming the “norm” for customers that do not have a lot of items, ONCE YOUR INFO is in the portal it simply repopulates when rejoining. For members willing to do their own membership it takes the task off a VOLUNTEER of the club, the voucher is saved as a PDF on your phone OR it’s able to be printed from a printer. MAYBE I’m missing something but the PROCESS doesn’t seem difficult,,,,
  2. Special Meeting

    George ,, I’m sure you have your club membership under “control” and I’m also betting you have been doing membership for many years! You have continually strived to build it in a fashion that worked well for how you wanted/ needed it to work for you !! Let me share what happened in my own club that I have been “Vp” of for more than 12 years ,,, we had a president that did membership ,, then I believe a secretary for a bit , then a membership person who did an amazing job for the last several years, and this spring she informed the club she needed to take a break ,, so OFF IT GOES AGAIN ,,, Club volunteers DO CHANGE ,, info and procedure get lost in the “shuffle” The NHSA office has been called on more than a “couple” occasions by agents/dealers saying ,,” we have a stack of membership forms with cash from the following club that has not been picked up, what are we supposed to do with them”? The changes are NOT necessarily about YOUR CLUB or MINE ,,, the changes are about improving a system that had “periodic holes” created by the routine movement of VOLUNTEERS!! Please don’t take these changes as an attack on what you have at your club level, MANY clubs are not fortunate enough to have the slow attrition of membership volunteers as the MSC! the “act” of joining a club will be as simple as picking up your own smart phone OR going to your computer and filling out the application “online”,,, the club(s) still have the opportunity to send a welcome letter, complementary map, etc to each new member ,,, a “job” the membership person can STILL EXCELL for his own club with ! The average “lifespan” of a club membership “chairperson” ,, seems to be 3-5 years at BEST in my club. Using this average this COULD MEAN there are up to 20 NEW membership chairs this year statewide,, I sincerely hope this may make some sense.
  3. Rob BEFORE you throw in the towel ,, can I ask did you ever ride a NEW sled that cost less than $1000 ?? Did you ride it PRE GROOMING days?? sleds have “morphed” grooming has “morphed” our members EXPECTATIONS have “morphed” gear has “morphed” New sleds under $10,000 are getting more “rare” the WORST change I’ve seen in my 50 years ? Is the lack of people pulling TOGETHER with time, resources, and EVEN MONEY ,,, to make it all work ! on a positive note there ARE GREAT people working to make it stick ,,, but we can always use more,,,,,
  4. George, one way to try to see it is maybe looking from a slightly different angle ,, Your ELECTED County Director and his peers have the oversight and the final vote on every topic. NHSA is an OFFICE where your County directors that are fully ( if not more) passionate about not ONLY our sport but the FUTURE of our sport meet. It’s my OWN wish that SOMEDAY people would realize that we ARE in this TOGETHER and as I always said to my kids “ I (WE) AM (ARE) NOT THE ENEMY “ “There are multiple moving parts and not everything is always as it appears”, it true throughout life !!!
  5. Well MAYBE I’m speaking out of turn but in trying to read between the lines I was hearing some contention over the 12 digit requirement,,, some of the F&G Changes do “dovetail” with NHSA’s purposed changes ,,,
  6. I do know this to be fact, The revised/purposed by laws were drawn up by the efforts of a “team” The team had much input and guidance from the Office of the “AG” as well as legal counsel. In the spirit of writing by-laws for ANY non profit, consideration must be exercised has to how the bylaws will carry the organization going FORWARD in the years or even decades to come. When an “AG” representative came to the NHSA office to answer questions to the NHSA County directors my personal “take away” from the q&a presentation was that the format and directive of the existing by laws was QUITE IN NEED OF A REWRITE. I did gather that to office of the “AG” not only stands behind the purposed by-laws but had considerable input into the new format. I do hope and ask that each delegate LISTEN CAREFULLY as the introduction of the new by-laws are explained to the room.
  7. Skip has lost his mate!

    I’m very sorry to hear this Skip
  8. Special Meeting

    The move was made to LEVEL the vote between each and every club ,, the other benefit would be to get an annual meeting that would fit MORE venues ,, EVERY club is important just as the consensus of a VOTE is important,, could it be AT ALL POSSIBLE that much this guidance is the cumulative EFFORTS of the numerous meeting that took place between the NHSA executive committee and the AG’s office ,,,,, ummmmmmYES !!
  9. Special Meeting

    Dave you do realize the board is made up of two directors ( a director as well as an assistant director) that represent their County Clubs at the board table, Every county in the State is represented at the board table. Each director is tasked with representing their County Culbs to the best of their ability. Yet all matters still come down to a VOTE of the board, I do know that much time and effort has been put forth by the office and board as well as the NH Office of the “AG” getting to this point. The board did vet the bylaw changes as a group and reached a unanimous consensus. Are you regularly attending your County meetings? If a new “Association” is formed do you have a plan in place that will ALWAYS keep 25,000 members totally “happy”? There are many moving parts to every organization. It’s not always as “simple” as you’d like it to be or appear. Should the NHSA office rent, utilities, staff, postage, insurance, lobbiest, programs, gathering places, all be “FREE”? Sure why not? and maybe registration, law enforcement, and grooming equipment will follow suit ,,, I’ll close with this,,, as a businessman ( for the last 40 years) what I have witnessed since last July as a director and snowmobiler,, the office staff and board deserve a HUGE standing ovation,,, just my opinion
  10. Spotted at a local fundraiser

    Thanx nox,,,,,,,, I was wondering if it was a LITTLE ,,,,,,,,,,, "not too bright" for me!!!! I will confess Id wear that ANYWHERE,,, as long I I could hear "GATOR" laughing his a$$ off!!! It was worth the price of admission JUST for the laughs!
  11. trail gone

    There is a possible fix ,,,,, ask the town that if an inventory of any and all damaged trees by the sleds and complete replacement was done buy the club ,,, would the restitution allow reconsideration for the reopening ,,,, it might be 10 saplings at a replacement of $20 each ,,, plus time !!! When all else fails ,,, offer to make good !!!
  12. Spotted at a local fundraiser

    OMG !!!! That’s awsum !!!!just be sure to make it so it fits a GIANT”pumpkin head”!!!
  13. Spotted at a local fundraiser

    I’m colorful enough ,,,,,, they may confuse me with the gate posts on the rail bed
  14. Spotted at a local fundraiser

    Well gator ,,, just because I won NINE TIMES ,,,, including my crocheted shawl,,, gotta say I’m thinking of wearing it EVERYWHERE the laughs were well worth it!!!
  15. Wow!!!! Thanks for sharing Bruce !!! Yes I haven’t made it up to ride with you ,, here it is 1217 AM AND I have worked another eve putting together my fall garden mum order for YOUR WIFE,,,, good thing ONE OF YOU works!!! Yes we will be planting for our FALL sales in just 11 weeks!!! This winter season has been a “local disappointment “,,, but FALL is round the corner and JUST MAYBE next winter will be “better”!! thanks for sharing !!!