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  1. Kind of wish I had seen this before tuesday but, I was out and about and my neighbors had stopped by on their snowmobile to see my wife when they left the house they took my trail out to the primary trail and observed two people walking on the private trail back to my house. A bit later my wife see them coming through the woods and thought the neighbors broke down, they hung around the back by a piece of equipment I have there. my wife came out and hollered to them and they took off back out the trail. When I got home she told me and I went out back and followed the footprints about a mile back to the road crossing then into a vehicle that was either pulled over or parked there. You can see my snowmobiles from the road,but not anymore! Innocent hikers? Maybe. Thieves?maybe. Sure do wish I was home not so much for vigilantee justice but to see some faces. I am on the Epsom end near Pitts. and will be looking I have yet to speak with my neighbor he may be able to give me a description. His wife said she see them when leaving our trail and they were off in the woods a bit(not to be seen). Nothin worse than a THIEF!
  2. What happens if......

    If there is snow on the ground they will be riding,and I will drop the last remaining gate. Thanks 4 wheel drive trucks for taking down all our other gates!
  3. Talk about great fuel economy!

    You should have got some dogs and saved about 9 grand bruce!
  4. 2nd Vintage Race Date For Northwood Set

    Heard a rumor it's cancelled? Any intel...
  5. Have a question ,need help

    Carbs need cleaning and adjustment.
  6. 2nd Vintage Race Date For Northwood Set

    You guys did a great job we will be back in a couple weeks.
  7. Have a question ,need help

    Do you have fuel in the lines before you start pulling? If not you probably have a leak and start with new lines..then move on to the choke.
  8. Update

    Did they give you a reason why the light came on for overcharging? I hope this all works out in the end
  9. non sled related

    I need one for saturday!
  10. non sled related

    I was looking at these, which one to buy? Best place to buy? any suggestions
  11. Ski-Doo

    Try bringing it to another dealer and tell them your not satisfied! You need to speak up almost to the point of ignorance,#1 the customer is always right #2 refer to rule #1...it's your money! My 2p
  12. 2012 Northwood Vintage Race Dates Set

    Same track configuration as last year? Looks good can't wait for saturday.
  13. ss or gp 338 parts

    I'll see ya next weekend!
  14. Don't you have a job? Go to work and stop surfing sled porn!